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  1. GT347SC

    Bronco L swap

    Grrr. I've decided to just fix my truck but seeing these broncos makes me really want one. I guess that will be my next big project.
  2. GT347SC

    front bumper

    I used an lmc on my daughters truck. I didn't think it was brittle at all. I had two holes that didn't line up but wasn't a big deal to fix. Id buy another one without question.
  3. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    Yea they will pay. I want a bronco but all the compliments on my truck make me want to keep it. I'm torn. Pending the final price I may try to buy the bronco and slowly work on it.
  4. GT347SC

    smog pump eliminator

    I had belt slip bad. My smog pump had locked up on the weekend and I needed the truck. I gutted the pump and went to the parts store to find a bearing to replace the one that froze up in the pump. Now I have the look that the pump is functional but it acts as a eliminator pulley.
  5. GT347SC

    Bronco L swap

    If I do it I will. Found my sonar bronco. Just trying to make up my mind
  6. GT347SC

    Bronco L swap

    Since my clone is totaled I'm considering a bronco build. I know the 4x4 to 2x4 is straight forward on the front. If I want to use the L rear springs it seems all I have to do is swap the mounts from my truck. Do they just bolt back in or does anything have to be redrilled? Also does anyone know...
  7. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    Well it is totaled.. I am buying it back. Question is to fix or start over.
  8. GT347SC

    Might be looking for a Bronco

    I watch CL but they are either real nice high dollar trucks or compleat junk
  9. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    I'm heavily considering a L bronco. I found a 96 for $800 but the right rear is damaged so still requiring body work. Been told of another with good body but will need paint for $2000. It's a 93.
  10. GT347SC

    Might be looking for a Bronco

    If anyone has a bronco that doesn't run or has any mechanical problems I might be interested. My Clone got smashed and Im thinking about doing an L bronco. Also if anyone has any insight on putting the Gen 1 front on an older bronco maybe I can expand the year model search. Let me know.
  11. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    We place blame here. I can't afford to fix it so if I don't make a claim it will just have to be ugly. I'm trying to save money to buy a tow truck and start a bussiness so it just won't get fixed if I have to pay for it. By body guy has already looked at it and said its gonna be expensive
  12. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    Had a lady pull out if a parking lot blind Sunday. She couldn't see around the other cars and out she came. I swerved to avoid hitting her but she still hit the side if my truck. This truck has been the love of my life for the last ten years. I completed a full lightning drive train swap in a...
  13. GT347SC

    93 Lightning - 95 E4OD : what connector?

    When I sold an E4OD from my 94 to a guy wanting to put it in a 96 van he said all he did was repin the plug and it worked perfect.
  14. GT347SC

    hidden trailer hitch

    I had this problem. I had to make one inch spacers and redrill the hitch to get it low enough to work with the pan I used
  15. GT347SC

    Have general f-150/bronco questions

    Its your truck so do as you wish. Since the bronco is so cheap I would do the swap my self. You can sell the trans and transfer case for what your buying the truck for. Then the rest is free. Yes HP for HP they are the same but obviously the 351 has lots of room to grow. Maybe I'm biased...
  16. GT347SC

    pic of a few local trucks

    That's what my daughter started with. A beat up black 94. Ran like a top though. She misses that truck but not stopping at every gas station. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  17. GT347SC

    What are your Lightning's Gas Mileage ??

    When I drive my truck it 9-11 but if my daughter drives she can get 13. As for towing. Almost no matter what I pull I get 9-10. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  18. GT347SC

    Anybody here in the towing business?

    As title states anyone in towing. Looking into starting a towing business and would like to talk to someone who is in it that can give some info about LA regulations and so on. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  19. GT347SC

    Travel to south LA.

    Yea I know. I may be driving down the weekend of the 25. Anything going on down that way? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  20. GT347SC

    Travel to south LA.

    I'm posting this because I know I can trust my L community to help if needed. In about two weeks my wife has to go to Covington la for two weeks to work the opening of a new store. She will be 6 hours from home and I need to know that if she has any car trouble (fox mustang) that maybe someone...