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  1. coopdog123

    Ad Expired: Hartman gt40 box upper

    Another piece that never got utilized. $100 Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  2. coopdog123

    Ad Expired: Long bars

    Bought these years ago, never got around to installing them. Custom built by a member. Adjustable heim joints on one end, greasable bushing on the other. Painted red. PRICE DROP! $100, get these out of my garage! Will ship anywhere in the lower 48. Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  3. coopdog123

    ECU/computer experts needed

    Been awhile guys, need some help with an ecu and cant find answers elsewhere. Ive got a bosch ecu with a controlled ground pin that is putting out 12v all the time. I opened it up and found a solder joint that doesnt look right to me but i can't find any pics whatsoever of how it should look...
  4. coopdog123

    Any experience with GMB water pumps?

    My cheap *** parts store water pump is leaking between the pump and backing plate, same way the oem pump did. Ive already got a cart built up on summit, so in the interest of some free shipping i figured id go ahead and get a pump from them. All they've got is this GMB stuff and Milodon...
  5. coopdog123

    Baffling A/C clutch issue

    Clutch will engage when hooked directly to 12v source, i.e. A battery charger, but will not come on when plugged up to the truck harness. Getting 12v at the plug with A/C turned on at the dash though. Very confused.
  6. coopdog123

    Finally getting things done

    Have spent the better part of the summer flipping bikes, so very little time spent on the lightning. After months of guilt im finally making headway. Got the frame notched, and new upper shock mounts to correct the ridiculous horizontal condition. I removed the slapper bar and two half...
  7. coopdog123

    Rear shock mount options

    Heres the rundown. C-notch plates are in the process of going in. I had intended on retaining a small portion of the factory support plate on the outside of the frame rail, only the 5 inches or so that the shock mounts are riveted to. However, the rust between the plate and fame was awfull...
  8. coopdog123

    Battery tray bolts

    Had my battery tray powder coated today but I've lost the hardware for it. Does anyone know the size and thread pitch for the three bolts that attach it? Battery is temporarily going back to the engine bay while I'm putting on the long bars and getting the Holley system situated
  9. coopdog123

    bilstein bushing part numbers orrr sizes

    guys, i need new bushings for my front bilsteins and the company themselves seem to be dodging me. I really just need a size not a part number as im going to replace them with poly units instead of rubber. any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  10. coopdog123

    Having issues, lots of codes. HELP!

    Hey guys, truck died on me driving down the road. Thought i ran in out of gas, luckily i was near enough to a station to throw it in neutral and roll to a pump. Filled front tank, truck wouldn't start. Filled back tank, still no start. Do visual inspection under hood. Cant see anything wrong...
  11. coopdog123

    rolled fender strength?

    can anyone comment on the strength of stock rolled fenders? Im concerned that the lack of the bend in the fender will result in a really flimsy piece of metal. like the difference between an I beam and a square bar, will the lack of a 90* bend result in a weak piece? i know i will need to roll...
  12. coopdog123

    87 octane at 14*

    Just wanted to weigh in on this. For a long time i was under the impression that 14* on a stock engine was simply to much advance to run 87. Then here recently, guys start comin out of the woodwork sayin they run 87 without mishap. So im happy to say i tried it and the truck runs pretty much the...
  13. coopdog123

    Crazy volt gauge

    My stock volt gauge is acting crazy. It will occasionally sit and vibrate rappidly. Not crazy bouncing across the spectrum, just kindof jiggling. Usually if i kill it and restart it will stop. I know my grounds and cables are good, voltage is good everywhere so its only happening to the gauge...
  14. coopdog123

    275/55-17 or 275/50-17

    is anyone running either of these two sizes on a lowered truck? if so i request pics. I'm afraid that even with rolled fenders the 55's will be real tight on the front, but i think the 50's will be to short. thanks in advance.
  15. coopdog123

    front tires for stock wheels (wide!)

    im contemplating getting rid of the torque thrust wheels and putting some fat tires on the stock wheels. There are a few options from M and H that i think will work fine for the rear, and they have 275/50-17's that are a good size for the front, but i have reservations about using a drag radial...
  16. coopdog123

    rag joint location

    do our trucks have a rag joint? I've still got to much slop in my steering wheel but it seems that there is nothing else that could cause it, unless theres a rag joint in there that I've never seen....
  17. coopdog123

    408 sound

    408 guys, i have an exhaust question. Obviously this is going to vary from one setup to the other, but in general would you guys say that a 408 stroker windsor has the "big block" note? In general, i would say that i can tell the difference between a loud small block and lets say a 440, 428...
  18. coopdog123

    Water pump bolt size

    Can someone tell me the size a thread pitch of the far right side water pump bolt? Its the one with a stud on the end for locating the AC bracket. I snapped the original and the others are fine so I'm just goin to replace it with a hardware store piece.
  19. coopdog123

    Cool paint idea

    Was just watching TRUCKS, or i guess its called truck tech now. Anyways, they painted a short wide chevy a real dark blue and then scuffed the hood and tailgate and painted flat clear super sport stripes. looked really cool IMO (not that its a new thing, seen it before). I was thinking it would...
  20. coopdog123

    Pulling engine for H/C swap

    Heads and cam are sitting around and need to go on sometime soon. Is it worth pulling the engine out to do the swap? I really want to so that i can paint it and clean/paint the crossmember and frame rails. Ive pulled a couple mills from carb vehicles so im not accustomed to all the wiring...