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    Gen 1 Garage Sale

    If no ones before me takes the mid pipe, I'll put my hand up for it
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    Rear Well Liners

    Does anyone know where to get some new well liners for the rear, i can only seem to find ones for the front
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    Better speakers with no mods required?

    also here are some pics of the fosgsate 10" sub, it fits snug with the centre seat back in
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    Better speakers with no mods required?

    this is where i managed to put a 1" tweeter
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    Amp rack behind center seat

    you can fit a five channel amp under the jumpseat, then that will give you room for a rockford fosgate sub behind the jump seat, trust me when i say you couldn't custom build a speaker box to fit any better
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    Towing tales...

    Thanks for the updates on this
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    Towing tales...

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    Towing tales...

    Speaking of hitches, does anyone know if this hitch will sit below the rollpan or behind it, google is not giving me any answers its a reece with part number 36047
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    panel replacement

    So some idiot decided to back into my truck, and is being a real jerk about it. i am now in need of a new lefthand front guard and left side door and hinges, and i need to get them shipped to Australia. can anyone help me out with who to go to for this, as my truck is a 95 model
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    Wanted: Throttle cable

    im pretty sure rock auto sells tem still
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    DJM 3/4 drop what shocks to use?

    ive had my shackles and hangers for about 12 months, and yet to do it as a cant decide on what shocks to use either. i carry a little weight as its a daily driver and want soemthing thats goin to give an easy ride
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    Mar-k roll pan

    havn't installed mine yet, but i got a set of chrome bolts from summit that have globes in the centre of them
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    another rough idle

    so just a little update, i ended up having one completly stuffed injector and two others that were average at best. Engine has survived the loss of water luckily, just coincidence that it happened at the same time maybe. What i do need to know is whats a good tool i can get from summit to...
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    Anyone know what Bed cleat brand this is?

    You can also get a track that those cleats fit in to, so you can slide them up and down the bed. A lot of the wagons we have here, have the tracks set flush in the floor,
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    Fuel Injector Recommendations?

    We get screwed over here with pricing, I can get new ones from summit for half the price it will cost to rebuild the ones I've got.
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    Fuel Injector Recommendations?

    The first thing was that the short term fuel trim was up over 30%, the mechanic I went to pulled all the injectors at pit them on a machine that test the function and flow. Apparently one was completely shot and two others were not spraying propeely
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    Fuel Injector Recommendations?

    so it looks like my rough idle, and my excesive short term fuel trim is put down to some dodgy injectors. They are only two years old, standard 19lb as i have no mods on my engine. What are some recommendations for new ones, the ones i have on now i got from rockauto, but i dont remember what...
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    another rough idle

    What is the most confusing is why my short term fuel trim readings are so high,
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    another rough idle

    I'm running Bosch Irridium plugs, and always use 98 octane been running it at 16 for six months now since I put the plugs in and the MSD gear on
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    another rough idle

    Ok so my truck is stock, except for MSD ignition and distributer, put on about 6months ago. recently serviced new plugs, filters and 19lb injectors. run 98 octane here in Aus, and timing set to 16. So at idle it has a little miss, then did a trip on the freeway and after about an hour i started...