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  1. joedpl

    Pre-production supercharger set-up??

    Found this on eBay a little while ago. Non-functional supercharger. Pictures on the listing showed subtle differences between this setup and the production models, so i bought it. Let me know if you guys have any ideas of the truck that this setup came off of, I'm just curious of the history and...
  2. joedpl

    #8658 is getting a new heart!!

    I posted this over on NHTOC so I thought I would post it here in the LOOK forum. I ordered a JLP long block last week for my 2002 HD, I'm considering it a happy 25th birthday present to myself. Hopefully it'll ship within the next week and then who knows how long the freight company will take...
  3. joedpl

    I love my job!!!

    #3 in the USA!
  4. joedpl

    Gran Turismo 5

    Not sure if this is in the right forum or not but figured it would get some attention here. I picked up the game last week and have been playing for over a week now and have yet to see the 2003 Lightning come across the used car lot, just wanted to see if anyone else on here that is playing the...
  5. joedpl

    Idle probelm after MP install

    I finally found the time this week to install the MP that I bought. When I first started the truck up it ran just as good as the eaton was on it. I drove it around for about 5 miles going easy on it just so I could make sure everything was installed correctly. I did 1 WOT run and now the truck...
  6. joedpl

    Helmet for drag racing.

    Like the title says I am wanting to get my own personal helmet for drag racing. (I don't want to borrow the one's that the track has) I wanted to know where I should go to get one and what I need to look for in one, I figured you guys would be able to guide me in the right direction.
  7. joedpl

    Cabin Air Filter Mod

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has done this mod in their truck, I've had 0 luck searching at several salvage yards for the parts required. I had Mike at Riverside search the nationwide inventory and there were 0 cabin air filter kits remaining and are NLA. If someone could lend me the air filter...
  8. joedpl

    My Lightning Fest 7 Pics.

    Posted over on NHTOC: My Lightning Fest 7 Pictures! - National Harley Truck Owners Club
  9. joedpl

    My Lightning Fest 7 Pictures.

    Posted over on NHTOC: My Lightning Fest 7 Pictures! - National Harley Truck Owners Club
  10. joedpl

    Help, timesert came out, what to do???

    Like the title says, I need help. I am doing a spark plug change before I move my sister to Dallas and the timesert I had on the #3 cylinder came out with the spark plug. It feels like the insert will catch for 2-3 turns and then it goes loose, this can be done repeatedly and no pieces of...
  11. joedpl

    Conan or Leno

    I'm sure most of you know about the debacle going on over at NBC. I was just curious as to who you all would choose to host the Tonight Show. If you choose other, please post who you think it should be.
  12. joedpl

    Heading down to Grapevine this weekend.

    I am heading down to Grapevine this weekend for a wedding and I'm looking for something to do between the rehearsal dinner on friday (6:30pm) and the ceremony on saturday (7pm). Is there anything going on around that area or are there any GTG's planned for that time. I'm scheduled to head back...
  13. joedpl

    LFP Idler pulley problem

    I had the bearings in 2 of my LFP pullies fail on me. 1 was on the s/c belt and the other was on the other belt. There is nothing wrong with the pullies themselves but the bearings are shot. Does anyone know if I can replace the bearings so I can reuse the pullies??
  14. joedpl

    Car and Driver 2001 Lightning Review

    Enjoy this classic clip: Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
  15. joedpl

    Nitto NT555R vs. MT E/T Street DR

    Well I finally got myself a set of lightning wheels for my Harley Davidson F-150. I've been searching around for tires (and lightning spec lower control arms) and it seems like for the front the Nitto NT555 in the 295/45/18 size is the way to go. Now out back is a different story. It seems...
  16. joedpl

    Glad to see everyone can get along now.

    You'll see..... YouTube - Black and White People Furniture - Bizarre Commercial
  17. joedpl

    Anyone know whose truck this is?

    YouTube - Dyno Twin Turbo Lightning
  18. joedpl

    My ad in the Classifieds

    Since you guys are local I just wanted to see if anyone needed one of these: NLOC Classified Section - Brand New Dyson DC-14 Vacuum Cleaner - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds
  19. joedpl


    Haven't heard from ya in a while, what was the outcome with your truck and how's your wife doing??
  20. joedpl

    Anyone happen to go by this today?

    I knew something was up when they had the entire complex blocked off and they had the Autozone parking lot filled with marked/unmarked police vehicles.