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    Struckby fan controller 1 wire temp sensor

    Did you get a hold of Ed?
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    Who got 1994 Official Indy Truck White Lightning?

    Didn't Steve Stock have one?
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    blower bracket recommendations

    What alloy did you finally go with? I am late to this thread, but any consideration for MiC6 plate?
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    fog light mod

    Ya gotta use the correct URL
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    4805 build thread

    Jeff, IF he ever gets it done Its going to be a show stopper. I've been breaking balls with him over it for years now. :D Jason, When John and I come up, you are going to take mine for a drive. I gotta give you some incentive...
  6. IVSVS

    4805 build thread

    You know how to get ahold of me. I'm running into a 'schedule from hell' right now, but we should be able to make a day of it. No Nugget, though. Perpetual. :) We will want to get work done. Maybe bring Oppenheimer along for laughs.
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    4805 build thread

    Me too.
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    Steps in the Right Direction

    What about the mosfet in the lower left corner? looks like it leaked too.
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    OEM Fog Light Switch Value

    There are a gizillion of them out there that can be used. One Example:
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    Truck paint update

    BEEYOUTIFUL! Looks great Tony! A truck to be proud of, for sure!
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    Fuel pressure at fuel rail

    Well Sh17... I'm at 33 no vacuum on a good day with my Carter replacements from rock auto... Guess the bed comes off again.. fawk...
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    4805 build thread

    You quit and sell out yet? Haven't heard from you in over a year +. My offer to help is still on the table.... I'm putting you into the "What cam can give me a lopey idle" group..
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    Rear frame gusset supports

    "you're assuming 1) that weld will hermetically seal between the 2 plates, and 2) that weld is the ONLY thing that will seal between the plates. I don't think either of those is true. I don't think anyone is likely to get a perfectly-sealed weld on a rusty 25-year-old C-channel truck frame...
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    Spookfest 2021

    Rats.... I had the last Friday in Oct blocked out for a vacation day and can't change it now....
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    Detroit tru trac ??

    When I lowered my truck, I was suffering from 1 wheel peel so a rebuild was in order. I decided to bite the bullet and rebuild with a TrueTrac, and glad I did as when we opened up the housing, the spiders were trashed and the side gears were worn to the point that they clicked into a wear notch...
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    Rear frame gusset supports

    Which allows road dirt, salt and other crap to migrate between the plates and chew at the steel. My plates were swollen out almost 3/8's an inch. Lots of crap sandwiched inbetween the plates. Dug it out like welding slag, and sealed it up for the time being. See my thread, "Overhauling or while...
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    Lightning Meet, Charlotte NC 8/19-8/21

    This sucks. I'll be in Charlotte the weekend before on family business, but I cannot extend my vacation another week to participate. :(
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    Parts Find Thread

    Bumps probably has 5 or 6 of these...[emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Value of repaint

    Mine has been banged up dented, repaired, rust fixed in the rear fenders etc. Had the infamous factory mange peeling paint on the cab from new so I got a new cab paint from the fender line up at one year old. With all repairs they shot it color/clear so in my case it wouldn't matter as there is...
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    A Snakebit is the bracket to have if you can find one. Its a well machined hunk of plate, with a stiffener bracket that keeps it from flexing. I'd love to have one again since I have a curved Volute setup on a stock Vortech bracket. There's a thread somewhere here when Wayne made them.