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  1. shaunditty

    1995 weight

    I weighed my truck today. It was 4420 without me in it. Fuel was at 1/2 in the front tank and almost empty in the back. Truck has no smog pump or EGR. Emissions stuff has all been deleted. I have JBA longtube headers with dual exhaust with 2 mufflers dumping before rear axle. No spare tire. Full...
  2. shaunditty

    Oil catch can

    I bought this BBK unit a while back. It’s nice. I just can’t figure out where I want it. But I think I figured it out. Gonna mount it right by the MAP sensor. The hoses will come together and run to the back if the intake hiding them as much as possible. I wonder how much oil it will pickup. I...
  3. shaunditty

    New personal best 1/4 mi run

    Ran my best time tonight! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. shaunditty

    2014 Challenger 5.7 hemi R/T and a 1967 Formula Firebird 400

    So I went to the track tonight. I got paired up with a 2014 Challenger 5.7L R/T automatic. I always get paired up by a Hellcat or scat pack and get smoked so I had no idea what was about to happen. I ran a 13.6@98 and he ran a 14.5@97. It felt good to see him several car lengths back! The next...
  5. shaunditty

    For Sale: Vortech V-1 (S-trim) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. shaunditty

    Vortech V3

    I was getting annoyed with the sound of the V-1 at idle. I removed it and took it apart thinking it’s worn or broke. It’s not, it’s fine. Apparently that’s just the way they are. Driving around is fine but at idle and slow cruise it’s screaming! It was so loud that when I started my truck up...
  7. shaunditty

    Flex-a-lite 295 fan kit

    I really like this fan setup. The fan controller works great and is easy to wire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. shaunditty

    Running lean

    My truck seems to be going lean on longer pulls. It runs great overall. No issues. I have a Autometer wideband, fuel pressure and boost gauges in the truck that I watch. It all seemed to start last year. So I put a new FMU and Walbro 255 in-line in it. It does it on either tank. When I first...
  9. shaunditty

    Valve covers

    I couldn’t find anything I like so I just sand blasted my originals and painted them. I noticed the ones on my 95’ are different than my spare set from a 94’. Anyone know the difference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. shaunditty

    JBA long tube headers.

    I decided to pull the trigger on some headers. I chose JBA 1 5/8 stainless long tubes. My truck has a 100% stock motor. Yes it has a Supercharger but it spends most of its time cruising with a few full throttle blasts here and there. I really didn’t think I needed 1 3/4” headers, nor did I want...
  11. shaunditty

    Tial blow off valve

    Omg! This thing is way cooler than the Bosch valve! Well that and I lowered my pulley on the blower I went from a 3.0 to a 2.85”. I’m telling ya what I’m actually pretty happy with how my trucks running right now. Probably low 13’s I’m guessing. I can’t wait to find out!
  12. shaunditty

    Newer F150 tries his luck

    So I’m at the middle lane at the stop light. To my left is a Mitsubishi Lancer and to my right is a new model F150 (4dr FX4). The f150 didn’t have a badge on it so I’m not sure what engine it had. But we all know the newer Fords, whether it’s a 2.7,3.5 or a 5.0, are all capable of running hard...
  13. shaunditty

    Foxbody Mustang radiator fan

    I decided to try something different so I installed a Foxbody fan in place of my electric 16” Ford Taurus fan. I got the idea from my buddy Jim aka Biskit. I have a Vortech Supercharger and needed a fan to clear my 8-rib pulley. It clears by an 1/8”. I ordered a 1/2” spacer to give it a little...
  14. shaunditty

    Smoke em if ya got em!

    I haven’t been to the track to get my fix in a long time. I normally don’t do this but for some reason I decided to show the golfers on the course this morning a little smoke show! I went back after a few minutes to get the pic! Had to make sure the coast was clear!
  15. shaunditty

    Moog front end rebuild

    I got everything to rebuild the front suspension that I can think of except the sway bar bushings. I am benge watching Youtube videos on how it’s done. I’m gonna give it a whirl during this quarantine. Any suggestions and or tips are welcome and appreciated. Ball joints P# K8432T (x2) P#...
  16. shaunditty

    There is 819 people viewing the Gen1 section right now!

    819 is by far the largest number of viewers ive seen here ever! I still read a lot of old posts here and this place is where i got 99% of all the information necessary to build my own supercharger kit and other mods ive done to my truck. Glad to see the NLOC still thriving!
  17. shaunditty

    My new best!

  18. shaunditty

    electric fan wiring with Air conditioner on

    My trucks been running great. My electric fan cycles on/off just fine and truck stays very cool even in 90+deg heat. However im tired of not being able to use my AC because its not wired for it... I see in my google searching that people wire off of the compressor clutch but that seems like a...
  19. shaunditty

    Fun night tonight with personal best

    Went out tonight to the local drags. Ran 4 passes. Started off 14.2 but it was hot and Supercharger was hot enough to fry a egg on it. Then I ran a 13.9 a 13.8 and after sitting a hour and it cooled off I ran a 13.6. The last race was pretty good. It was against some little sleeper Nissan truck...
  20. shaunditty

    For Sale: 6 rib setup for a Powerdyne or Vortech

    This is the 6-rib setup I’ve been using. I’ve used it with a Powerdyne and a Vortech Supercharger. In decent shape. Everything works as it should. Could use cleaning I just removed recently. $175 shipped. Included is: -6.5” Ford crank pulley 6-rib -aluminum crank spacer with bolts -Gates...