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  1. five0drw

    looking for

    i have just recently came across johnny lighting(hot wheel type) 93 f-150 all i have found are the red white and sliver anyone have a line on any black ones? i have purchased a white one and may paint it black if i cant find one will trade or buy if someone has thanks a ton. :thumbup:
  2. five0drw

    New mod

    out with old in with the new took about 15min
  3. five0drw

    new shades

    I have wanted these for a while. :cool:;k:cool:
  4. five0drw

    ole pickup

    had to uncover and throw a lil clean up on old besty.
  5. five0drw

    Gen 1 vid

    Found this thought i would share..;k YouTube - Ford Lightning (Gen 1) Tribute
  6. five0drw

    Finished Up.

    just a few pics.:D
  7. five0drw

    Motor Clean up

    Thought i would do a little clean up for the new year black power coat..:cool:
  8. five0drw

    One more time

    Got the old farm truck out.. best previous 12.24 10 years ago lol. nmra nice event to run my personal best. Need to up date 1/4 mile times lol..:oldtu: 209 true street.
  9. five0drw

    Good Tyme

    First off... you guy's rock. everyone there was like a big commuinity. everyone helping everyone. My truck ran it best ever. but not without a big hand from everyone. I would race with you guy's anyplace... And it would not matter how fast i went. It was def a good time good to see all of you...
  10. five0drw

    look out

    Truck is almost ready.... Broke the cam in the car so the truck got some luv.. :D:cool:;k:cool:;k:D
  11. five0drw

    Get a Chance to be on TV.

    NMRA Illinois (event date is July 16-19) - airs on Fox Sports Net on 8/30 (original) and 8/31 (repeat) yee-haw;kNMRA Digital
  12. five0drw

    Roy... H/B man

    Say's its your birthday today have a good one.:D
  13. five0drw

    Race / Cost Joliet

    NMRA Digital did not know if anyone posted yet... Thursday - Sunday Thursday – Spectator Only: N/A *Thursday –Sunday – Swap/Coral: $95.00 *Thursday –Sunday – Show Car: $95.00 Thursday –Sunday - Spectator/Crew: $95.00 Thursday –Sunday - Drag Race Participant: $150.00 Thursday...
  14. five0drw

    Mo / Ks Convoy

    Well lets map it out Thurs morning? From kc....:headscratch:
  15. five0drw

    fuel system upgrade

    get n ready for 2009..
  16. five0drw

    D/R Car ready

    Nope it's not a "L" but as some of you know this has been a ten year project i am ready...:D
  17. five0drw


    anyone know this truck ?
  18. five0drw

    PSCA N Vegas

    Was not only for fast cars....
  19. five0drw

    Look H/D hard at work

    at least is chrome yellow..
  20. five0drw

    KCIR.. Sold Kansas City, MO KANSAS CITY, MO-Jabez Territories LLC