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  1. mojo racing

    Has anyone seen one?

    I was going through some old things over the weekend and found this C.D. it came with my 94 when I purchased it. My truck came with the CD player as an option so included was a 6-8 C.D. holder (which is long gone now) but I still have the C.D. though Sent telepathically using Tapatalk
  2. mojo racing

    For Sale: 1994 White Lightning

    1994 White Lightning SOLD! Selling my one owner 94 white lightning. Purchased in south Florida and daily driven until 2 years ago. 280,000 miles but engine does not rattle use oil or leak. Many spare parts to go with it, very nice tube bumper, mint 94-95 steering wheel, FMS headers, shift kit...
  3. mojo racing

    For Sale: Canton oil filter relocator

    Canton oil filter relocation block with band new O-ring kit asking $95 shipped in the cont. U.S.
  4. mojo racing

    For Sale: Super Duty Cooler

    Sold Super Duty trans cooler. Good shape would clean up very well includes fittings from cooler to -6 AN lines. SOLD
  5. mojo racing

    For Sale: twEECer

    Sold SOLD
  6. mojo racing

    For Sale: MSD Pro Billet Distributor

    Sold Sold
  7. mojo racing

    For Sale: 2" drop shackles

    Sold SOLD
  8. mojo racing

    For Sale: 70mm Throttle body

    Sold 70mm Throttle body very good shape. Can not remember if it's a BBK or Professional Products. With 3/8" egr delete plate. $85 plus shipping
  9. mojo racing

    For Sale: Roller cam parts

    Sold Roller cam spider dog bones and Ford Motorsport roller lifters. Low miles, everything needed to convert to roller cam minus the push rods. Asking $75 shipped
  10. mojo racing

    For Sale: 1" intake spacer

    Sold 1" intake spacer. Not phenolic, some kind of hard plastic type material. Both gaskets and bolts included asking $50 shipped obo
  11. mojo racing

    For Sale: Jegs cast diff cover

    Sold Sold
  12. mojo racing

    For Sale: Crane Fireball coil

    Sold Sold Sent from my LM-Q720 using Tapatalk
  13. mojo racing

    Sold: C3p1

  14. mojo racing

    For Sale: Thermostat Housings

    I have two 90 deg thermostat housings. The ones needed to use the Pontiac upper radiator hose. $10 each plus shipping.
  15. mojo racing

    Officially Off The Road

    Well, 24 years as my daily driver my truck has been officially taken off the road. There will be a build thread coming after a few months. Plans are, all the body work done, paint, and a 393 single turbo. It feels so strange backing out of the driveway in the morning and leaving it behind....
  16. mojo racing

    For Sale: Dome lights

    I have two dome lights with map lights I found hiding on the shelf. They're both in decent shape and would clean up nice. The one marked A is very good, I'd like $40 shipped The one marked B has a few pimples that may clean up I'd like $30 shipped on it.
  17. mojo racing

    Fuel line safety clips

    I've tried looking but can't seem to find the safety clips that snap on the lines fore and aft of the fuel filter. While replacing my filter today one side of the tabs broke off on both. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. mojo racing

    Excessive Fuel Consumption

    I'm hoping someone would have some ideas as I know I'm overlooking something. I went to a new position at work that now requires me to drive 30 miles. I put my truck back to completely stock except a MSD coil and a Mad Ramper CAI. So my issue is, in a 60 mile round trip my truck burns over 1/2...
  19. mojo racing

    Sold: 1995 f-150

    For Sale 1995 F-150 176,000 miles. Trying too help my wife's best friend who's husband recently passed away. He used this truck as a daily driver, now it is a 2nd vehicle for her. Unfortunately she has come to the point where she needs to sell it, as it is just her responsible for the house and...
  20. mojo racing

    Sold: Gear Selector boot

    I have 2 column gear selector boots 1 in perfect condition one has a small pin hole asking $20 shipped each for any of the three. Open to offers on the one with the small hole. Will post photos in a few min. these are Ford boots not repro. Updated 2 sold.