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  1. GT347SC

    Bronco L swap

    Since my clone is totaled I'm considering a bronco build. I know the 4x4 to 2x4 is straight forward on the front. If I want to use the L rear springs it seems all I have to do is swap the mounts from my truck. Do they just bolt back in or does anything have to be redrilled? Also does anyone know...
  2. GT347SC

    Might be looking for a Bronco

    If anyone has a bronco that doesn't run or has any mechanical problems I might be interested. My Clone got smashed and Im thinking about doing an L bronco. Also if anyone has any insight on putting the Gen 1 front on an older bronco maybe I can expand the year model search. Let me know.
  3. GT347SC

    I think it's totaled

    Had a lady pull out if a parking lot blind Sunday. She couldn't see around the other cars and out she came. I swerved to avoid hitting her but she still hit the side if my truck. This truck has been the love of my life for the last ten years. I completed a full lightning drive train swap in a...
  4. GT347SC

    Anybody here in the towing business?

    As title states anyone in towing. Looking into starting a towing business and would like to talk to someone who is in it that can give some info about LA regulations and so on. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  5. GT347SC

    Travel to south LA.

    I'm posting this because I know I can trust my L community to help if needed. In about two weeks my wife has to go to Covington la for two weeks to work the opening of a new store. She will be 6 hours from home and I need to know that if she has any car trouble (fox mustang) that maybe someone...
  6. GT347SC

    Strange problem with truck this morning

    I was leaving the house this morning and the truck started right up like normal but as soon as I put it in gear it died. When trying to restart all it would do is turn over. Never even tried to fire. I opened the door (key was still on) and could hear the fuel pump running. Key off and back on...
  7. GT347SC

    Front spring?

    I'm getting ready to finally get my L springs in the front of my clone and it will be complete. I know I need an alignment (replacing tie rods too) but what else should I know? Do I need off set bushings to get it aligned or do the stock ones offer enough to get it right? Also I've been told my...
  8. GT347SC

    Valve cover spacers.

    I've seen slavers that are over an inch tall but I'm looking for something more like 1/4 inch. Anyone know if something like this is made? I really don't want to go to a tall cover. I like my mustang covers. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  9. GT347SC


    Just wanted to share my good luck today. I answered an ad on CL for some free Fox mustang stuff. Odds and ends mostly but just as we were loading up the last box he says 'i have a set of 289 hipo heads that have been worked with big valves, you want them to". well i dont have a need fut hey if...
  10. GT347SC

    I hated to do it

    The 94L i bought as my daughters first truck has left my driveway for the last time. I warned her that the gas would be terrible but she didnt care. Well after several months of driving she has realized that her self. I had and offer to trade for a real nice 89 GT convertible so i made the...
  11. GT347SC

    Help with a fox mustang

    Does anybody here have a 5.0 aod fox mustang? I desperatly need a pic and measurements of the shift lever on the trans. I bought a car that was rigged and I'm trying to get it right. I have several arms but they are all too long. If I knew what I was supposed to have I would cut up a couple...
  12. GT347SC

    Rear end finally let go

    I have been taking it easy on my truck for a month knowing something wasn't right. The last time I drove it it was popping when making turns so I parked it till I could tear it down. I already found a low millage pull from an explorer and bought new gears since mine were howling. Where can I...
  13. GT347SC

    Restoring lost files

    Anyone here have any experience with a program to restore lost files? I can find all sorts of "free" ones on the internet but most will scan and find the files but if you want to restore them you have to pay. I know what I want is still on my SD card because these programs are showing the...
  14. GT347SC

    My collection

    Thought I would share my collection. I had to get a picture tonight since my green mustang will be off to its new home tomorrow.
  15. GT347SC

    speed/abs sensor

    Ive read the old threads about the speed sensor on the rear end but didnt see anyone mention what mine is doing directly. My speedo is solid up to about 45 then starts to bounce between 45-60 and gets worse the faster you go. The part i havent seen addressed is that if i let off the gas the...
  16. GT347SC

    My new truck (well my daughters)

    Here she is. The 94 I scored for my daughter. She finially got to drive it for the first time today and loves it. I had an old set of Flo pro mufflers I put under it so it has a nice rumble. Need to replace AC compressor still and get a new drivers side door. Found one for $40 of a friends...
  17. GT347SC

    Leaf spring shipping weight.

    Does anyone know the weight of the L leaf springs? I need to figure out shipping cost to get some sent to me. If you know or have some you could weigh I would appreciate it.
  18. GT347SC

    Factory anti theft question

    What does the factory anti theft disable? My new 94 has it but I don't have a remote yet. Someone put a push button to jump the fender solinoid. It wont start on the key. Before I spend too much time or money on a switch I want to make sure its not the theft stopping it from working on the switch.
  19. GT347SC

    air filter lid

    im pretty sure i know the answer already but is the lightning the only truck that didnt use the dual snorkle lid? the truck i just bought has a busted lid and i need a new one. Im rigging a cone on it for now but want the right lid.
  20. GT347SC

    would you buy it? Rough 94

    I found a black 94 today. Very rough but runs good. front valance is destroyed, needs tires, wont start on key (push button on dash), xlt trim gone, fuel senders dont work, rear tank doesnt work, leaf springs replaced with stock f150 leafs, and drivers door will need replaced because it was...