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  1. soap

    Fastest Eaton powered truck??

    Thanks, so was that thread I posted above (from 2007) the record pass?? 10.970@126.29? --Joe
  2. soap

    Fastest Eaton powered truck??

    Searched a few old threads and found nothing conclusive. One thread said BTJ but that was all the way back in 2007...... Looking at the fastest Gen 2 sticky thread it looks like there has never been a...
  3. soap

    Opinions Please

    IMO.......the wrap looks splashed paint. But like Ed said you can peel off a wrap. It would be a neat way to display your truck in a show. --Joe
  4. soap

    Eye Candy, 56K warning.

    As I said before Jason, words can not describe how bad *** your truck is. You going to be at the last Heads Up race of the season?? October 3rd?? --Joe
  5. soap

    I'm Back

    They are not aftermarket. Those were the stock fenders with air vents cut into them. --Joe
  6. soap

    I'm Back

    Can't wait to check it out. See ya in a couple weeks :buddies: --Joe
  7. soap

    for those w/ shaker hoods....

    Certainly weighs more. I hesitate to gues sbut would place it around 30+ pounds. Here is a picture hooked up to JLP intake. --Joe
  8. soap

    for those w/ shaker hoods....

    It moves enough to rub the front corner of the shaker against the bottom side of the hood. --Joe
  9. soap

    Gen II Trivia Question of the Day!!!

    1 7/16" for me. --Joe
  10. soap

    drag only solid grills

    Blocking off the grills makes a significant impact on your mph. The aero advantage is well worth it. --Joe
  11. soap

    Don't order a hit on me.....

    If I remember correctly (from posts years ago) this is a 514 motor. Some dude in Florida is the lucky owner. --Joe
  12. soap

    Welcome to ShowPro

    :cool: --Joe
  13. soap

    Build Certificate Frame

    Has anyone purchased a "special" frame for their build certificate?? i.e. SVT, Lightning etc. I tried an E-Bay search and came up empty........figured it would look neat in a dedicated frame. Did SVT ever make a frame to put around the certificates they issue? --Joe
  14. soap

    SVT is GONE!

    Re: Re: You are way off I am not saying there is no market for performance, but it is a fraction of the big picture. Take a second and try to compare the total vehicle sales across the US. Why do you think SUV and truck sales are down over the past year........fuel economy. I know that I...
  15. soap

    SVT is GONE!

    You are way off The problem is that the money comes from fuel economy and utility. There isn't a big market for performance. --Joe
  16. soap

    SVT is GONE!

    Being that it is an Aussie model, the GTO does not meet 2006 US crash standards. Same reason the Ford GT will not continue produciton into 2006......Ford only expected the GT to be run for 2 years. --Joe
  17. soap

    SVT is GONE!

    I still do not understand why everyone thinks it is such a big deal if SVT is gone?? Roush does a great majority of the driveline testing and design. And Ford factories build the vehicles. Sure there will be a small group of people from SVT who loose their jobs and that is always sad to hear...
  18. soap

    self ported eaton,plenum done today...

    Good luck with that. It would take forever to remove any signifiicant amount of material with a dremel. --Joe
  19. soap

    How many 9 second Gen 2 is your project coming? You have your truck up and running?? --Joe
  20. soap

    CAD Pics Of Our Newest Air Scoop Design

    Looks very nice Tim. --Joe