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    Trilogy 2006 Harley S/C Pics

    The lowering kit is from Groundforce suspensions. It's their 2" 5" drop... If I had to do it again, I'd probably go for the 2" 4" drop. The 5" rear drop makes the truck completely level front to rear. On Power, the truck is currently 360rwhp & 415rwtq with the "OEM" tune. The aggressive...
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    Baer 15" Brake Kit installed!

    After a few hours in the shop today, I got the 15" Baer Brake kit installed on the front. Very nice kit and I must say it's nice to actually be able to see the brakes behind the 22's... :) Big thumbs up to Baer... Tomorrow, the rear Baer Rotor kit goes on to complete the job... Cool...
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    Slapped a Snuglid F2 on the 06 Harley...

    Finally got around to going and picking up the Snuglid F2 we ordered for the truck. I love the keyless entry/remote for it. Works great and is pretty trick. Only downside is it's one heavy lid, about 20lbs heavier than a regular snuglid. We pretty much ordered it sight unseen, but I think we...
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    Trilogy Intercooled S/C Dyno Results

    We took the Harley S/C Truck to the Dyno today... Stock, this truck made 240rwhp and 285rwtq. With 9lbs boost and a OEM Calibration (Factory Quality Tune), our kit made 359rwhp and 412rwtq. That's an improvement of 119rwhp and 127rwtq. It's also worth noting that the 5.4L 2v motors in the...
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    Trilogy @ Temple...

    Trilogy will be out at the Temple Academy Dragway in Temple, TX with all the TALON guys on Dec 3rd from 3pm-9pm'ish laying down some baseline passes for the 06 Harley S/C... Feel free to come on out and see the truck!
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    Trilogy 2006 Harley S/C Pics

    We unveiled our 2006 Harley S/C Truck today to much fanfare. Thanks to all that came out and took a spin! ;) Our kits are in stock and ready to ship today! Unpolished kits are $5995.
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    MMFF & Doug

    Good, saves me the trouble of buying the magazine... :)
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    Car Show

    hahahah... Ok... Coke...No... Pepsi maybe. Ha!
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    Car Show

    Beer? Ummm.. No. Coke maybe, beer, no. :)
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    Car Show

    You're all invited to join the DFW Cats at our Spring Car Show, this coming Saturday (March 23rd) from 9am-3pm behind the John Eagle Lincoln Mercury Dealership in the Sim's department store parking lot. There'll be over 100 vehicles attending this spring, and we serve free food and...
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    The tranny is ready!

    Getting ready to kick *** and take names are we? :D
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    Group Picture

    Especially the zoom shots eh Doug? :D
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    99 for $20,000

    Yes, $20000 is right on the mark for a 99 with 50000 miles for private sale. Dealer's are giving $18000 for them if it's a very clean truck. I got 18500 for mine because of a set of brand new tires, and it'll be on their lot for 21,995.
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    Group Picture

    Razor, it's easy. Just find your way to 635 & I35E Head west on 635. Your first exit is Luna road. Exit there and turn left, south. On your right after you go under the bridge is the Omni hotel, next building is I2 and the parking garage is plain as day.. Drive up top when you get there...
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    Logans New "mini" van

    Anything mentioning Z06 and Ford Focus in the same sentence would be hilarious... :D
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    Logans New "mini" van

    A $200,000 , 13.5 sec Focus is impressive? If you really wanted a kick *** focus, buy a $10000 focus and a $5000 V8 Conversion kit. 10 sec focus wouldn't be far behind.
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    Logans New "mini" van

    I'm not laughing.
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    Group Picture- Mostly Cloudy - Showers says cloudy and 70 degrees... I say we do it... (Quick! Before my L goes away)