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  1. lightn95

    Gen 1 and a Uhaul question

    Can anyone confirm if a Gen1 fits on a Uhaul open trailer? If so, what vehicle did you tell Uhaul you were putting on it?
  2. lightn95

    Spookfest 2021

    Spookfest 2021 Sunday Oct 17th Cecil County Dragway Gates open 9:00am *** NO REFUNDS !*** In the Event of Rain - We will assign a New Date. -$170 per racer if paid by Saturday Sept 11th -$200 per racer if paid by Saturday Oct 9th NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER Oct 9th THERE WILL BE NO...
  3. lightn95

    Not Connected

    Not sure whatbis going on. I did the PimpShift install with the stock motor and strim. Got it running, with no major issues. I did a complete motor and combo swap and the only thing I touched on the Pimp was adding a wire in the expansion harness for a dual sync distributor. Jeff sent me a...
  4. lightn95

    Spookfest 2020 2.0

    Spookfest 2020 2.0 Friday April 23rd Cecil County Dragway Gates open 8:00am *** NO REFUNDS *** In the Event of Rain - We will assign a New Date. -$170 per racer if paid by Saturday March 20th -$200 per racer if paid by Saturday April 17 NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER April 17TH...
  5. lightn95

    Another Twin Turbo Gen1

    I've had my white gen1 since '97. It's got the regular bolt ons. An S trim, Vict Jr alum heads, off the self cam, fuel system, etc etc. It make 500 even at the wheels. It's been fun, but it's time to change it up a bit. Watching Greg drive to the track, race and drive home, I decided that's the...
  6. lightn95

    Dart SHP block motor mounts

    Anyone who is using a Dart SHP, what motor mounts are you using to keep the motor in the stock location? I know the Jeff's grave yard mounts moves the motor a little. I need to keep it in the stock location.
  7. lightn95

    SPOOKFEST 2020 rain date

    Spookfest has been re-schuled to the following Sunday, Nov 1st
  8. lightn95

    Spookfest 2020

    Spookfest 2020 Friday October 30th Cecil County Dragway Gates open 8:00am *** NO REFUNDS *** In the Event of Rain - We will assign a New Date. -$170 per racer if paid by Saturday September 26th -$200 per racer if paid by Saturday October 17th NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER OCTOBER 17TH...
  9. lightn95

    Is Matt Fisher here?

    I'm looking for Matt Fisher, I here he has some OEM floor mats..
  10. lightn95

    NLOC decals

    New batch of NLOC decals are available. We went old school with these. These are the timed ones, from 8 second up to 13 second club. Also avaliable are a 10" NLOC oval. $10 each shipped for the timed ones and $15 each for the larger ones. Part of the proceeds will be going to NLOC to keep the...
  11. lightn95

    For Sale: '94-'95 interior parts for sale

    I need to make some room for an upcoming project. I've got some interior trim pieces for sale Pass side door panel, in good shape $150 Pass side A piller and kick panel $50 Driver side A piller and Kick panel $75 Dash panel with the "pocket" (by your right knee) $30 Fuel tank switch , in OK...
  12. lightn95

    Ad Expired: 3.15 blower pulley

    I've got a 3.15" 8 rib blower pulley I'm not using. In great shape, no Knicks or scratches in the groves. $50 shipped.
  13. lightn95

    Hey Bump....

    So I've got a question for you... above your avatar it says " Resto is the Besto" but ive been noticing lately all the non OEM parts you're rockin....What's the story?
  14. lightn95

    Gen 1 in Rocky Mt Race Week

    Rob from AZ @ 7:00 mark & 18:00
  15. lightn95

    OEM headlight switch...need help

    I've got a question for anyone familiar with these switchs. Mine is getting extremely hot, it's actually smoking, only when I turn on the lights. There is a white ceramic wheel whither a spring inside of it. That's what's getting hot. Any ideas what would cause this? The lights still work.
  16. lightn95

    Gen 1 in MECUM Auction last night

    Anyone see the '94 white Gen1 last night. 10k original miles, step bumper with a horrible body line from bed to cab ( had to be off by 1") sold for $24k plus fees....
  17. lightn95

    Just for Ron...

    I saw this and some thing reminded me of Ron....I'm sure Tommy saw it to...
  18. lightn95

    Red Gen1 at KC's Paint

    Who's got the Red Gen 1 at KC's Paint? I've seen it in a couple videos in the parking lot. But now it's in the shop.
  19. lightn95

    Sold: NOS door cylinders and ignition

    Like the title says. I have a set of NOS ( taken out of the bag for picture) door cylinders, with the clips for installation. The cylinders have the black exterior trim ring. And the the complete ignition cylinde. WITH the set of matching matching keys. $210 shipped to your door. Pm me your...
  20. lightn95

    Sold: '93 Lightning ECU

    like the title says, I've got an ECU from a '93 Lightning in good working order. The truck had roughly 80k when it was pulled. $170 shipped.