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    August 2011 TOTM - Congratulations to Ron "bumperquip" Cope ! (NLOC #2254)

    Nice truck! Where did you get the Clear front turn signals? I have seen them in completely clear but i don't know where to find the frosted ones.
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    Radio and speaker wiring.

    Is it the blue box directly above the gas pedal?
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    Radio and speaker wiring.

    Where is the amp? I've had the dash off before and didnt see one.
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    Radio and speaker wiring.

    I have a 95 F150 regular cab and my old radio sucked so this weekend i went to bestbuy and bought a new radio with new front speakers and they sound good but i'm still having the same problem i had before which is every time i hit a bump, the one side cuts out and i hit another bump and they...
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    Running boards

    Does anyone know where you can find the running board support pipe or has anyone tried making one themselves?
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    Hey everyone, i'm new to the site and i've yet to own a lightning but hope to really soon. I live in southeastern PA and i have a 1995 F150 Flareside.