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    Hello Everyone!!

    Wow, what a great bit of history! Fun to read all of that. I have a 10 year old who loves the trucks. Any time I ask her what she wants to ride in to school or whatever, it's one of the trucks. She's determined that one of them will be her first vehicle.
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    1/4 Mile Times

    Interesting video but some totally goofy commentary, the "dad" obviously can't tell when someone isn't making a full pass.
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    Hi, new member w/1993 5spd here!

    They can be converted, they just require link bar lifters instead of Mustang cast off parts. Or a reduced base circle cam. A few ways to skin that particular cat.
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    IAT and O2 sensor locations

    My ASE looks a little like a hockey stick with longer times at higher ECTs.
  5. FMOS Racing

    Vss signal loss issue

    Have you watched the speedo vs tunerstudio vs GPS?
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    IAT and O2 sensor locations

    I'm one who believes that the IAT needs to be where it is. I also have some lean conditions on a hot restart - not quite as bad as yours, though. But it clears up as soon as you get a few RPMs in it and the ACT becomes realistic. Once air is moving across the sensor, it's a true look at what...
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    Vss signal loss issue

    Rebuilt PSOM does the same thing, and I watched it in TunerStudio while I logged it. When I come to a stop, the VSS reading sits just under 3 mph for a notable amount of time, maybe a half second, before it drops to 0. Can you post a log here? Or send it to me at fmosracing at gmail?
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    Hi, new member w/1993 5spd here!

    Fun stuff! And welcome. If it's just a toy and a fair weather driver, then I don't see any pressing need to mess with the carb. If you intend to drive it year round and you actually have seasons, EFI will be a lot easier to live with over time. Both the 5-speed conversion and the "cammed"...
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    Vss signal loss issue

    For the white truck, I just moved those 3. The red truck is sequential injection with boost control and such running through the harness, so I did a lot of wire moving for it. One quirk I noticed looking back through my data logs is that my VSS drops from 2.5 mph to 0 every time. It never...
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    Vss signal loss issue

    Mine definitely doesn't show any kind of erratic behavior that the speedo doesn't show.
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    Big truck

    Needs Lightning logos... ;)
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    Vss signal loss issue

    If you want to pay for shipping, I can send you a known good unit to test since I have a spare. What would you like for me to look for in terms of the transmission behavior in TS?
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    6 years in the making

    Looks great! I really need to start thinking about getting mine done.
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    upgrading fuel system

    It depends on your overall goals, are you boost referencing, etc.
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    Welcome! I picked up a white '94 to daily drive last year, about 275K on it - it's had the cluster changed at some point, so it's an estimate. Mostly rust free, plenty of little mechanical issues, but I've got it fairly well ironed out now and am glad to have it! As they approach 30 years...
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    WTB stock filter box, snorkel and S-tube.

    Anyone have these parts sitting on a shelf gathering dust? I'll be happy to get them out of your way. I have absolutely zero memory of what became of mine.
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    Let's See Your Tuner Studio Dashes!

    To be fair, about the only time I ever look at mine is when the truck is idling in the driveway. Every once in a while I'll flip it open if I catch a red light. Generally, the laptop is closed and under the center arm rest. I just look at the data logs when I get home.
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    Let's See Your Tuner Studio Dashes!

    White Truck is the same dash without oil pressure, fuel pressure and boost. The outer ring on the Air/Fuel Ratio gauge shows the target A:F. Note that some of the indicators are also "triggers." e.g. "Data Log" activates datalogging and indicates that you're logging. ASE and WUE will pull...
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    Steps in the Right Direction

    Just the fueling stuff. We'd battled through the same kind of lean behaviors on his truck, which is moderately stock except for the E-cam and exhaust, so I figured the base fuel setup, VE table, WUE curve, etc would be a lot closer. It's hard for me to work from home and not go out and mess...