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    For Sale: Triton V10 Kenne Bell Kit (New)

    As the title states, this kit has never been run, it was used to mock up, but has no hours on it. Has everything that Kenne Bell included with the kit new. $3500 with blower, $2800 without (so you can use your own SC) , shipping is on you. I'll post more photos later, was moving this to my shop...
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    For Sale: 1998 Mark VIII LSC Collectors Edition

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Collectors Edition #071 4.6 4 valve Cobra motor 290hp 4r70W Transmission 3.27 Rear End 161k miles HID Headlights NO accidents Car Fax included Clean title Passed Emissions (12/18/19) Selling because I have 3 vehicles now and don't drive this one enough. Would trade...
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    For Sale: 92 LSC For Sale Portland, OR 1992 Mark VII LSC 125,000 miles, Clean title, runs and drives nicely, GREAT performance for a land barge, could be a real sleeper, 5.0 HO motor that really wants some more power going to it, bumped...
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    For Sale: Good Condition Fog Light Switch

    One great condition fog light switch, $70 shipped, paint is faded on the "white" lettering aspect but switch is good to go otherwise, no cracks and no other marks, I will ship USPS Priority small box. paypal only, (remove the 9s) I don't check my NLOC stuff often
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    Goodbye folks

    Guys, my life finally slowed down enough for me to write this down. I wanted to say thank you to all of the "internet friends" that I made in this online community. I sold the truck 2 weeks ago. I ended up taking a deal that was quite a bit less than I wanted to take, but I was in a bind with...
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    about to give the truck away

    the truck is going to make me shoot it or orphan it.... last week i replaced my ECU. now the truck has these symptoms 1.Will not start on the first hit, has to be reprimed a few times 2.Goes full lean with any load on it. (Datalog confirmed) 4. Binary Editor is reading that the truck is in...
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    Burnt ECU/how to solve it?

    put truck in reverse, move 6 feet. truck stops, smoke comes from drivers side window defrost vent, guage cluster goes down. fuel pumps will not go on with new relays and checking of ALL fuses/swapping of relays around. my money is on a burnt ECM. anybody else agree with me? I happen to have...
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    just a quick story, I was discussing new tires with an acquaintance of mine, he recommended some different tires so i was kinda happy. but then he asked what they were going on, when i told him it was my L, he guffawed and said "those are slow!" (this is a die hard stang/jeep guy keep in mind) i...
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    Long Bar Brackets

    anybody have any CAD drawings or dimensions on their brackets for long bars? we got a plasma CNC table in our school shop, and this is the perfect time for me to make a set of bars, especially now that I can weld as well. if not, i'm going to make a set and put the CAD files up on here if...
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    Radius Arm Destruction

    well, I finished up the drivers side radius arm bushing.everything is bolted in correctly, bracket looks good, painted the bracket, replaced all the old grade 8 hardward with new grade 8 hardware. get on to the passenger side and the thing will not budge, i tried my 2' breaker bar and couldn't...
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    Cheap Urethane Radius Arm Bushings?

    Cannot remember what the place was that sold the super cheap radius arm bushings, the part numbers, or anything like that... one member recently found that there was a good option from oreillys or something, and i'm about to go out in the garage, cut these stupid rivets out, and do the...
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    Panhard bar questions

    I have been neck deep in Susprog (suspension design) these past few weeks, and have been wondering, who all runs panhard bars on their 1st Gen lightnings? anyone? anyone? Bueller? for extra goodies, this is the suspension i designed this week, the front is fully functional, operates...
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    STROKED 93 (Adam)

    I don't know why you won't answer PM's, or posts on your threads, but it has been over 3 months, and you have still not sent me my ECU, I'm getting very, very upset. Please don't tell me that a fellow Lightning owner regarded so highly around here is going to stiff me for a 25.00 ECU? If you...
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    Steering wheel shaft

    Guys, does anybody have any pictures of what our steering wheel shaft looks like without the wheel on it? is it splined? dimensions? anybody have their wheel off right now and could make some measurements for me? I have taken a wheel off, but i cannot for the life of me remember exactly what it...
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    Wheels = Painted

    guys, I have had it with my wheels, so I decided to paint them. Under a previous recommendation by Copperhead as to the colors. I painted mine Dupli-Color HWP 101 and 103 i'll get better pictures when my arms and fingers don't hurt but you get the jist of it....i have to get the overspray off...
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    Grude Match!

    guys, there may be a grudge match! I am going to attempt an autoX/road course against a 92 Syclone or maybe a Typhoon.... I think I can handle it driver wise, and our trucks tested better in skidpad, but I'm not sure! any predictions?
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    Set for an Interior redo again

    Guys, I'm tired of my best friend/his girlfriend having such gorgeous interiors, so I'm gonna do mine now. I read RazinCain's write up, and will be doing some of that. But I can't figure out how i'm going to clean my arm rest rubbery thing....the part that gets dirty from your arm...did...
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    clear out your messages buddy!
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    New Fuel Tank!

    Thanks to Jling, I picked up a never used rear tank for the truck for 50 bucks, working on saving up for a mustang 190lph pump and getting it all set up for doing a two pump trick! now i just need tires! been working my butt off on my website, webstore, and things of that nature, so truck has...
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    1993 Lightning vs 2001 Audi S4

    Raced my buddys 2001 Audi S4 V6 Twin Turbo 6 Speed All Wheel Drive with turbo back exhaust, no cats me- 1993 Lightning Punisher VB 2800 Stall Converter Built Trans James Duff Traction Bars CAI QH tuner with Tune 87 Octane Tune Underdrives AC Delete Crappy Tires we raced from a 50 roll, he...