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    Side skirt wanted

    There was a white one on eBay. but the prices for those pieces are just stupid high. hope it helps.
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    It's Time!

    I am also glad to see the site staying alive as well.. Thanks for the info..
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    Sold: 1993 Ford Lightning Red

    PM Sent!!
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    Sold: powerdyne supercharger kit

    PM Sent.
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    Wanted: C3p2

    Men I am looking to buy a good working C3P2 computer. Pay Pal ready, Thanks.
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    Wanted: C3p2

    Men I am looking to buy a good working C3P2 computer. Pay pal ready, Thanks.
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    Sold: Transmission

    PM Sent.
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    Couple questions?

    correct on both answers above, not sure about the cell light either.
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    Got my wheels back

    Who did the polishing on them? They look great.
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    Been years

    I'm here in and out weekly more of a lurker until I see something that catches my eye.
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    Mass Air help

    Does it matter which A9? series he uses ??? The reason for asking is because the trucks are auto's and some A9? series are for manuals. Does it matter which one he get's ??? He has access to a good A9L series for a manual, I guess he could just try it. Thanks for help.
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    Sold: FRPP MAF conversion

    PM Sent.
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    Ad Expired: Polished Kenne Bell 2.2L Supercharger (Complete)

    also interested in this sir. how much psi is it making as selling? also how many miles on it ?
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    Sold: Kenne Bell 1.5 complete kit

    did it sell ???
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    Ad Expired: Madramper mass air cai

    pm sent.
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    Sold: 1994 White Lightning in OK

    Is this truck still for sale?
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    Sold: Vortech V3 Si Intercooled Kit

    what kind of tuning will it require? Or can be run as is installed.
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    Driving light brackets.

    Got some ,thanks.
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    Driving light brackets.

    Like titled, I am in need of both driving light brackets(LH/RH). Text pic to 9039302842 if you have them, pay pal ready. Thanks.