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    Sold: '02 Supercharger, complete upper/lower, TB, bridge, etc..

    Hey guys.. I've got a complete supercharger/intercooler/lower setup from a 2002 truck. Parts have 72K miles on them, and the supercharger was ported/rebuilt 10k miles ago. The TB was hand ported as well. I also have the bridge, a brand new Moto Blue idler with bracket, the factory balancer and...
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    Delvallo/JJ vs JLP Video Compilation.. :)

    YouTube - Atco 2010 Compilation (JJ vs JLP) Enjoy! Travis
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    700hp Lightning dyno video..

    Here's a compilation of pics/videos that I finally got around to, from my old truck (sold to another forum member last year).. I miss it a lot, and messing with these old pics/videos didn't help. :( YouTube - FI-R's 700hp Ford Lightning.. Good times, for sure.. I'll have another one...
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    Anyone seen/heard from James?

    I've been trying to get ahold of him for 3-4 days, with no luck.. Is he sick or something? If anyone sees him, please let him know that I've been trying to get ahold of him. Sorry to post this in the open forum, but, I've tried every other means, several times.. Thanks.. Travis
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    SCT IAT sensor readings..?

    When logging with SCT.. there's only 1 IAT sensor reading.. Is this BEFORE the blower, or AFTER? I figured there would be a IAT1 and IAT2 reading, but there's not. Travis
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    FINALLY nailed down my tune/problems.. :)

    After thinking about a previous project, where I had issues with a big cam/big flowing head, turbo 4 banger.. I realized that I may be running into driveability issues that simply can't be sorted out with this head/cam combo, and the factory ECU. High flow rates, and overlap is probably...
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    Green/Yellow spark plugs..

    Pulled my truck apart today.. and pulled the plugs out. Found a few flourescent green/yellow spark plugs.. All plugs, from thier perspective sides/lineup. Just to compare to a cleaner plug.. The two plugs that are green, are the two in the front, right next to the water neck, on the...
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    Video/pic compilation, 7/26 New Orleans meet..

    Little something that I put together from our meet in New Orleans last weekend.. :) YouTube - Ford Lightning Meet, New Orleans Lakefront, July 2009 Travis
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    Continued problems..

    James and I never really nailed down the random lean condition that we kept running into.. The truck went lean again the other day.. and I've decided to tear into it this weekend. Problems as of now.. Random lean condition at WOT.. usually in 3rd gear Lean spike at throttle tip in has...
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    Pics from New Orleans, LA meet.. :)

    Pics from the Lakefront, New Orleans meet last weekend.. :)
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    Dyno video from last weekend.. :)

    **LINK FIXED** Enjoy.. Travis
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    Partial throttle boost?

    I have my bypass on my 2.6 KB, hooked straight to the lower plenum.. The response is kinda nutty.. it'll go from 5" vacuum, to 10psi.. but, no middle ground.. lol.. Is there any way to adjust this? Travis
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    BIG thanks to James @ RWTD!

    It's never easy to judge someone's character over the internet.. Much less test thier ability to tune your vehicle. ;) After this weekend, I can say that I have a new friend in the industry.. James and I were talking about tuning in general, back and forth, after my fiasco at L&S last week...
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    Heading to the dyno (again).. ;)

    After talking with several tuners, both locally, and out of state, I've decided that I'm going to trailer the truck up to James @ RWTD, this weekend. First off.. I must say that I really appreciate Johnny's offer to come up to PA.. He was going to take care of my tune, free of charge.. after...
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    Dyno video.. updates..

    Some video footage of what I'm going to call "shakedown runs".. No final tuning, of any sort has been done.. YouTube - FI-R's Built Lightning Baseline Dyno.. (In case you missed it in the other thread..) Well.. what a disappointing 2 days it's been.. I'll say this up front.. Vince over at...
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    Headed to the dyno tomorrow!

    Headed out in the morning.. Going over to L&S in Baton Rouge to work out the remaining driveability bugs, and hop on the dyno to see what she makes on the pump gas tune. :) Video and pics later this evening.. Travis
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    Need new o2's?

    I'm slowly getting the tune ironed out on my truck, but, I still have a lean low RPM/partial throttle condition.. Once the engine hits around 2800-3K rpm, or if I go more than about 25% throttle, it jumps into open loop, and A/F is good. But, partial throttle boost situations and low engine...
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    Finally got her running decent!

    Got my plug/coil pack issue situated.. I ended up installed another set of stock coil packs that I had leftover from my 02 Mustang GT drag car (32K miles on them) with a set of TR6's.. Johnny has been helping iron out my tune, with feedback from my highway pulls, and it's getting close! I...
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    Running rough at light load/partial throttle..

    Took the truck out today with a revamped tune to fix some tip in enrichment issues, and lean partial throttle issues. Fixed those, but, WOT was still around 13 to 13.4:1. So, I got out of it after a quick pull in 3rd gear. I noticed afterwards on the drive back, that I was having a little bit...
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    Sick of these BBK valve covers!!

    Ok, so, this is the 3rd time I've attempted to get them to seal up, and STILL have a leak.. I've ditched the crappy gaskets that come with them already, and used RTV sealant, but, I still have a leak somewhere in the back.. What covers can I use, that will let me use the factory rubber gaskets...