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  1. Pro71bird

    Scott Cedergreen

    Very sad....
  2. Pro71bird

    George Dias

    Hi Roy, We have had a great time racing the truck and a little TV time is always cool. :)
  3. Pro71bird

    Big Boys with ther big toys need a BIG garage

    WOW, good to see a post in BALA!
  4. Pro71bird

    2019 Virginia City Hill Climb

    We are back from running the Virginia City Hill Climb and what a great event, 5.2 miles with 22 turns. Parade lap video Truck video at the finish line
  5. Pro71bird

    ...... replacing the brake pads, rotors, calipers and tires

    Brook - Power Stop offers a good product at a low price point. Wilwood offers a great product at competitive value pricing. I have used brake components from both company's with no complaints.
  6. Pro71bird

    Virginia City Hill Climb

    We received an invitation to attend this years event and have registered the truck. Goal is to run under 4:00 minutes!
  7. Pro71bird

    Bay Area lightning association

    Hello, Send A private message to Nazgul, he may have some of those.
  8. Pro71bird

    Fabulous Fords 2020

    FFF is going back to Knott's in 2020. Rumors are the 2020 event may be the last one.
  9. Pro71bird

    Want to lower my 03

    The "best" depends on what you want to do with the truck. 1) Ground Force offers an affordable kit for street use 2) IMHO the Hotchkis kit is great for Autocross/Road Course 3) Shock selection will influence the overall performance, I prefer adjustable QA1's 4) Don't forget the camber bolts...
  10. Pro71bird

    ...... replacing the brake pads, rotors, calipers and tires

    Wilwood 4 or 6 piston, flush & replace brake fluid with high temp fluid.
  11. Pro71bird

    ..... tires??

    Nitto NT05 Street Nitto NT01 Road Course Mickey Thompson ET Street Drag Strip
  12. Pro71bird

    Prepping a stock Gen 1 for a track day at Willow Springs Raceway CA

    Very cool thread and happy to see more lightings on a road course. . .
  13. Pro71bird

    Happy Birthday Paul

    Hope your day is filled with large Mominga's!
  14. Pro71bird

    Happy Birthday Don!

    Happy Birthday Don
  15. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    Hi Jeff, I counted 29 Lightning's this year. Yes, Alex sold his truck and purchased a Mustang which he took to the show. George
  16. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    Found Pictures Here -
  17. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    We had a great time, as always, and the weekend goes by so fast. Donut Derelicts was packed Saturday and it was cool that someone there posted a video of us as we arrived. Following DD, we drove up PCH to the Automobile Driving Museum and found that they were hosting a car show for muscle cars...
  18. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    Congrats on the selection, your truck looked great!
  19. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    Possible things to do Saturday after Donut Derelicts: Lyon Air Museum Crevier Classic Cars Automobile Driving Museum
  20. Pro71bird

    Fab Fords 2018

    We are still a go but will be driving down late Friday. Medieval Times dinner show @ 6pm is booked. George