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    How Important is Tapatalk?

    Me personally, I don't use Tapatalk, or any mobile forum apps for that matter. I only browse forums on my laptop. For pics, I just use ImgBB to host the pics and then simply paste the links to a forum. It's very easy, and the forum doesn't have to host pics.
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    Power Surge Performance?

    Thanks for the inquiry. I still have all my tuning stuff, so I can do mail order tuning still, and I can do dyno tuning if you want to bring me to a dyno shop. My e-mail is still the same, If you tried that, send another, it's been weird lately.
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    PSP closes its Door's

    Thanks to all for the kind words. As some have asked, I will not be dissapearing and I WILL still be doing mail order tuning. :oldtu: I can still be reached via e-mail. Will be trying to catch up on that shortly.
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    Blown Motor Club

    I usually shoot for about 11.8 on 93 octane, with 16 degrees timing total at WOT. That's a good A/F for this time of year, because as summer rolls in and it gets hotter and muggier, the truck will richen up from the less dense air. If it's a vehicle with heavily oxygenated gas or lower octane...
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    Blown Motor Club

    Here's a pic of Mike's dyno graph, for those who were interested....
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    Need some help from my KC friends...

    Thanks for taking care of me Matt, and it was good to see you again!! :D
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    Need some help from my KC friends...

    Thanks guys, I got good ole Matty takin care of me. Prolly won't be sticking around for tuning, because we are going to do it earlier in the week. Edit: Matt beat me to it!
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    Need some help from my KC friends...

    Hey all, Sal here. I need some assistance. I purchased a car in Kansas City, MO. I need to fly out to pick it up and then drive it back here to FL (yes, we're in FL now for those who don't know). I'm hoping that someone might be able to pick me up at the KCI airport, give me a place to crash...
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    42 lb injectors needed

    I need a set of 42 lb injectors relatively cheap for a project I am doing for myself. Take outs with some miles are ok. Please PM me if you have a set I can buy and how much. Thanks!
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    Whipple for sale

    It's black, here's a pic...
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    Whipple for sale

    BTW, this is for the 01-up intake setup.
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    Whipple for sale

    Going in a different direction with my MadMax project, so I am selling the Whipple off it. Has normal wear and tear and runs perfect. Has made 22 psi with ease on my motor and performed flawlessly. I believe that I still have 95% of the parts that came with the Lightning specific kit. I would...
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    Wanted: shorty headers

    I saw those and they actually look like they'd work pretty good, but that's a lot more money than I wanted to spend right now on a set of headers that might need to be cut up.
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    Wanted: shorty headers

    Hmmmm, interesting. Can you get me a pic so I can see what they look like?
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    Wanted: shorty headers

    I need a set of 5.4 shorty headers. Looking for something cheap, I need to cut them up for something. I would prefer unequal length, but will consider any type. Condition is unimportant.
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    Thanks to everyone, and a special offer

    Bidding has ended for all the items. Thanks to all who participated. I am glad this stuff is going into the hands of fellow Lightning enthusiasts. For any item that did not get any bids, I will sell it for the opening bid to the first person to respond to the thread for the item. For those...
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    2001 Lightning "welcome pack"

    Sunday the 17th at midnight, eastern time.
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    1999 Lightning Spec Card

    Yes, the same info on the spec card is also in the brochure. Of course the brochure has a lot more in it as well.
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    1999 Lightning/SVT Press Release Pack - VERY RARE

    This is another special item that is very rare. This is a press release pack, that was send to a limited number of media people and pulications to promote the new 1999 Lightning. It consists of the following... a folder which has the full view of a red 99 Lightning over the entire cover, the...
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    1999 Lightning Photo Pack VERY RARE

    This is one of the special items I have available. This is a PRE-production Gen 2 photo pack that was sent to me by SVT in Feb 1998. This includes a large glossy pic of the 99 Lightning, and slides that contain all the other press photos. These were the photos that were sent to magazine...