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  1. Jamie V

    What did you do with your Lightning today

    It can get slow in here this time of the year so I figured I’d start a post to kinda give guys a place to post little things that they do. Some guys won’t make a new thread for a little thing here or there so post them up here!
  2. Jamie V

    For Sale: 9 second power train for sale

    Time for me to change up my combo so I’m selling my current setup. I will sell as a complete setup or in certain parts. Here is what I have. 438” SBF 14.5:1 compression Dart block Eagle 4.100” crank Oliver billet rods Diamond gas ported pistons Titan pro series oil pump Roll master billet...
  3. Jamie V

    Thinking about changing up my combo

    As a bunch of you guys know after almost an 8 year separation me and my red 94 are back together. I’ve been really considering changing up my combo but I’m not sure what to do. Here is the current combo. 438” small block Dart block Eagle crank Oliver rods Diamond pistons Titan billet oil...
  4. Jamie V

    Looking for Ron (Bumperquip)

    Ron, I tried texting you and sent you a PM but I can’t get ahold of you.
  5. Jamie V

    *****Attention: Everyone attending Spookfest ****

    We have just been informed that Cecil county Dragway is not allowed to have “spectators” at our event BUT.... each driver can have up to 10 crewmembers. We need a list of everyone who is going to be attending that is not a driver so we can make sure we assign them as a crewmember for each...
  6. Jamie V

    Need help finding Door to cab rubber wiring conduit

    I’m trying to find a Ford part number for the rubber conduit that goes from the doors to the cab on our trucks.
  7. Jamie V

    For Sale: White 94 with 5,461 original miles

    I’m selling my white 94 with 5,461 original miles. I have it listed on eBay but per the rules here I will list the asking price the same as I have the buy it now price on eBay $35,000 OBO
  8. Jamie V

    For Sale: Selling off what’s left

    I have a bunch of stuff left that I need to sell. All prices are obo plus shipping and fees. Set of 4 polished stock Lightning wheels with LMR center caps. $800 ....SOLD.... Slightly used set of MT drag radials. They have 6-8 passes of them running 13.XX. $400 ....SOLD.... LFP long bar...
  9. Jamie V

    For Sale: Super Clean Complete Center Seat Setup

    Im selling my complete center seat setup. It comes with a powdercoated seat pan for a truck that came with a center seat (the wider seat bolt pattern) it also comes with the longer wire harness for the seat pan from a truck with a center seat. It has all the seat belts with bolts as well. $1500...
  10. Jamie V

    Motorcraft Lower Radiator Hose NO -Oil Cooler

    I can’t seem to find the correct Motorcraft lower radiator hose for a NON-oil cooler truck. Anyone have any info you can share?
  11. Jamie V

    Stock fuel system E85 compatibility

    Does anyone know what parts of the stock fuel system would/wouldn’t be compatible with E85? Fill tube Tank Pump Canister Lines Filter Flexible parts of lines O-rings on lines Rails Injectors Regulator Whatever I’m forgetting.
  12. Jamie V

    New Shop Decoration

    What do you think of my new shop decoration?
  13. Jamie V

    Spal Brushless Fan Install

    I figured some guys might like some of this information so I’ll share my latest mod (and one of my top 5 favorites) I have been running a Mark VIII fan in my truck for a while and with the new PiMPxshift I’ve been struggling with the rpm dropping significantly when I turn the AC on (which turns...
  14. Jamie V

    Need smog pump pulley diameter

    Can someone with a big enough calipers measure a factory smog pump pulley for me? My calipers don’t reach in far enough. Measure to the top of the ribs.
  15. Jamie V

    MM&FF just got canceled
  16. Jamie V

    Gen 1’s will be out in force at Spookfest 2019

    Looks like there won’t be a shortage of Gen 1’s at Spookfest this year! Keith Blackburn Brian Wright Gregg Rudinsky Nick Sineno Tommy Molloy Joe Toal Brett Samanns Jamie VanAcker Tim Cochran Then there are a few former Gen 1 owners racing something different Ralph Vorhees Dennis Macho I...
  17. Jamie V

    Any idea what vendor use to sell CBR Performance radiators?

    My buddy Nick has a CBR performance radiator and he said he can’t remember where he bought it but he said it was a “Lightning parts distributor”. Any of you guys know if a place like LFP or someone else use to sell them?
  18. Jamie V

    Guys who removed the charcoal canister & stuff.

    I really need the wiring from the engine harness to the canister purge valve (that’s the little solenoid valve that is mounted below the charcoal canister). Any of you guys have your old crap laying around? It plugs into the engine harness right behind the alternator near the front of the...
  19. Jamie V

    Alternator Harness

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement factory Alternator harness? I’m sure it’s not specific to a Lightning.
  20. Jamie V

    Spookfest 2019

    Spookfest 2019 Friday October 25th Cecil County Dragway Gates open 8:00am *** NO REFUNDS *** In the Event of Rain - We will assign a New Date. -$170 per racer if paid by Saturday September 7th -$200 per racer if paid by Saturday October 19th NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER OCTOBER 5TH...