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    Stiegemeier ported Roush plenum gain 1# boost!!!!

    That's 1# boost for Only $275.00 call 636/949/2275 Thank you
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    Stiegemeier Big Savings for Winter!

    We have offers on our Facebook page Stiegemeier Porting Service check them out or you can call mention NLOC or Robyn to get discount on services! Thank you 636 949 2275
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    Great offer don't miss

    We are offering to update your existing Stiegemeier port FREE when sending in your supercharger for a complete rebuild, cost ONLY $695.00 S/H varies. Thank you Stiegemeier 636-949-2275
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    Noise issues

    Stiegemeier Blower Dyno just one of our services, From our state-of-the-art DynoJet to our custom-built SXF-1000 Air-flow supercharger test bench we have the technology, resources, and expertise to give you the best your money can buy. And we guarantee more horsepower gain per dollar spent than...
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    Lightweight rotors/porting/venom cooler for m112's

    Bob explaining on Video: Stiegemeier Porting Talks About New Products - YouTube We are taking orders for the Lightnings and Cobras for our lightweight rotors. We do need your cores. Thank you Please call /email if need further information Stiegemeier 636-949-2275 The...
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    Stiegemeier Venom Cooler

    CHILL YOUR EATON: Beat the heat with the latest cooling mod for your Eaton Supercharger, over the years the roots style supercharger has been plagued by Extreme heat soak issues primarily from the Front drive bearing and gear load. Under extended High RPM usage the roots style blower can build...
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    Stiegemeier pricing/performance/turnaround can't be beat!

    $525.00 Porting Stage 6 Front drive Rebuild (Stiegemeier is an Authorized Eaton remanufacturer) Strip rotors Porting supercharger only $395.00 PL and TB porting $85.00 Turnaround time 1-3 days in our shop. We also have cores in stock. Your supercharger is also inspected, cleaned in a...
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    Sent out wrinkle black paint supercharger with polish front drive

    Exterior show polish blower only with just the front drive rebuilt? Thank you STIEGEMEIER
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    Sent out wrinkle black paint supercharger with polish front drive

    We just finished this one it turned out nice. Just wanted to share the Pictures we do paint other colors also. Thank You. STIEGEMEIER Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC - Supercharger Rebuild and Repair 636-949-2275
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    3rd Party Results

    This shows a bone-stock F-150 compared to putting the Roush blower on it at the stock 7.5 Psi boost level, and then adding 1 PSI of boost and better tuning, to get an idea for what those things do. RunFile 001 (KP) = Stock 5.4 3V F-150 Power = 207 HP/254 lb/ft. Torque (rear wheel) RunFile 003...
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    Stiegemeier tricked out lightning

    This is Correct. Thank you Stiegemeier 636-949-2275 Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC - Supercharger Rebuild and Repair
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    Stiegemeier tricked out lightning

    Stiegemeier Porting delivers X-TREME Lightning Truck Eaton blower. Stage 6 Porting Snake Bite Light weight Rotors Venom Cooler Epoxied Silencer holes Black Finish 2.93 Upper Pulley and 4# Lower Pulley 8.5 divided by 2.93 X 5500 X 1.304 = 20806 = 23 #s Supercharger and Engine will be Dyno...
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    Stiegemeier porting video's

    StiegemeierPorting's Channel - YouTube SNAKE BITE: SNAKE BIT WHITE LIGHTNING - Supercharger Q&A, Moderated by Dyno Bob Like us at Stiegemeier Porting Services | Facebook Lots of information on our web site also click on the green box for more. Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC - Supercharger...
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    Snake bite pictures!

    We been running ours for a couple years now with no issues. We do now make the cooler for that will reduce blower temps 50%. Thanks Stiegemeier 636-949-2275
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    Snake bite pictures!

    2-4 days in our shop. $1295.00 Includes porting stage 6, Snake Bite, rotors stripped, front drive rebuild and pulley if needed. Thanks Stiegemeier