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    Scott and Jean Cedergreens’ Memorial

    Will be at the Buzz Inn at the Snohomish Airport Aug. 20th at noon - 4pm. All their Lightnings will be present (7- I believe) RSVP to me by pm please. Steve
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    Things are starting to come together

    Amazing Raymond. :)
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    Who got 1994 Official Indy Truck White Lightning?

    Jeff, I found a pair of 500 decals, if you want them?
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    Who got 1994 Official Indy Truck White Lightning?

    Yes if you can that would be great because my old brain cannot remember the company name either. I think I gave my indy decals to Cory Jeff. That company was given all the correct size decals to repop. Steve
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    Who got 1994 Official Indy Truck White Lightning?

    No it wasnt a legitimate one, it was a dealer made clone. I did reproduce all the associated decals on the best 3M decals though in correct proportion measured from a genuine official truck. Thinking I have them in a box somewhere. Not many know that there was also a blue oval roof decal, with a...
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    Vortech Et- The List

    Welcome aboard Shaun.
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    Scott Cedargreen has Passed Away

    Scott was a longtime member of the WASHLO and a big time Lightning enthusiast. He caught the bug like no other. Enjoyed many a conversation with Scott and his wife Jean at our gtg's. Scott will be sorely missed. RIP. A huge loss to the Lightning community.
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    Vortech Et- The List

    Welcome to the list dreamweaver. It had been 12 years since I edited this list. Where has the time gone?
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    8.5 Liters of Speed Density POWER! Pics!

    I still have his startup file, haha. He was the next state over, I always wanted to run over there with the laptop and play with that engine a bit.
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    Bobby's Updates

    Hey Bobby, glad to see you post up. Been awhile. I'm missing my Gen1, I might have to start looking again. Love that big turbo, it gets my blood moving which can be a danger for this old guy. Steve
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    27 years ago today

    Congrats, that is one hell of a long time, but time well spent on the best truck ever created by the Ford Motor Company.
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    Replacement transmission vs modifying stock E4OD

    lock it in 2nd and you will see an ET gain
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    Replacement transmission vs modifying stock E4OD

    Agree, as soon as the engine exceeds the stall speed you are loosing ET if the convertor is not locked. I remember Dale Robertson talking about this a decade ago, and I have never found him to be wrong.
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    Big Boys with ther big toys need a BIG garage

    You got a good memory Jeff. So that had to be lfest #1 at Topeka's Heartland track then. Good times had by all that were there. I remember a darn good barbecue on the Friday night too. Thinking that was the time I met up with Cherie and we flew in together??
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    Big Boys with ther big toys need a BIG garage

    That picture brings back memories. The young Justin Dipalma and Jeff doing a diff case R&R on Steve Colgan's truck back in 2003 or 4 I believe. Believe Justin was still a teenager then. Who would of thunk it that Roy would of been carrying a spare traction lok??????????