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    Fastest Eaton powered truck??

    Thanks, so was that thread I posted above (from 2007) the record pass?? 10.970@126.29? --Joe
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    Fastest Eaton powered truck??

    Searched a few old threads and found nothing conclusive. One thread said BTJ but that was all the way back in 2007...... Looking at the fastest Gen 2 sticky thread it looks like there has never been a...
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    Opinions Please

    IMO.......the wrap looks splashed paint. But like Ed said you can peel off a wrap. It would be a neat way to display your truck in a show. --Joe
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    Eye Candy, 56K warning.

    As I said before Jason, words can not describe how bad *** your truck is. You going to be at the last Heads Up race of the season?? October 3rd?? --Joe
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    I'm Back

    They are not aftermarket. Those were the stock fenders with air vents cut into them. --Joe
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    I'm Back

    Can't wait to check it out. See ya in a couple weeks :buddies: --Joe
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    for those w/ shaker hoods....

    Certainly weighs more. I hesitate to gues sbut would place it around 30+ pounds. Here is a picture hooked up to JLP intake. --Joe
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    for those w/ shaker hoods....

    It moves enough to rub the front corner of the shaker against the bottom side of the hood. --Joe
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    Gen II Trivia Question of the Day!!!

    1 7/16" for me. --Joe
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    drag only solid grills

    Blocking off the grills makes a significant impact on your mph. The aero advantage is well worth it. --Joe
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    Don't order a hit on me.....

    If I remember correctly (from posts years ago) this is a 514 motor. Some dude in Florida is the lucky owner. --Joe
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    Welcome to ShowPro

    :cool: --Joe
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    Build Certificate Frame

    Has anyone purchased a "special" frame for their build certificate?? i.e. SVT, Lightning etc. I tried an E-Bay search and came up empty........figured it would look neat in a dedicated frame. Did SVT ever make a frame to put around the certificates they issue? --Joe
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    SVT is GONE!

    Re: Re: You are way off I am not saying there is no market for performance, but it is a fraction of the big picture. Take a second and try to compare the total vehicle sales across the US. Why do you think SUV and truck sales are down over the past year........fuel economy. I know that I...
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    SVT is GONE!

    You are way off The problem is that the money comes from fuel economy and utility. There isn't a big market for performance. --Joe