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    Trans harness differences

    Alright, I will pass this to my uncle. He got this Lightning project and we will confirm if it really needs a new trans harness. We'll take her in after installing the rotors and new tires from 4Wheelonline this weekend.
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    Welcome! Tell us something about your ride
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    New member looking for advice

    Welcome and enjoy the project!
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    3rd Brake Light

    One local yard also has this weird rule of not parting out for some of the vehicles. They just selling the body. At least it is somehow cheaper if you need more parts. My friend needed a set of wheels for his toy F150 after getting a deal on rotors and truck tires set, he scored headlights and...
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    New Member with a lot of questions

    Welcome! How's the truck now?
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    New guy

    Welcome to the group!
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    Saying hello

    Welcome, Oscar! How's your Lightning project so far?
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    Another newbie ‘hello’ (take 2)

    Neat truck! Welcome
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    New member just saying, "hello".

    Howdy! How's the mod projects?
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    Truck cover

    Looks like they got good covers there. Gonna show this to my uncle when tomorrow for the installation of the shocks and bumper from 4Wheelonline onto his truck.
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    Welcome back to the community!
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    Truck paint update

    Totally sweet truck, man! Lo pro tonneau looks like a perfect fit. My buddy is looking at bakflip covers. Gonna show this to him.
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    Back in the Saddle in Cowtown

    Welcome! Sounds like a nice '03. Hope some experts would chime in.
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    New Old Guy

    Welcome! That's a beautiful Mustang. Bet you'll like your new Lightning project
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    New member

    Welcome and congrats on getting a nice truck you like! Enjoy