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  1. SEMA 2009

    SEMA 2009

    SEMA/Las Vegas 2009 Photos -- BigD
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    First Lightning, Mckinney,TX

    call i-800-fordsvt and have your vin# BTW, I just left McKinney 1 Jan to move to NC
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    We have moved in Jan and I have retired. Mail is still catching up and all club stuff is still in boxes. When we get unpacked we will respond ASAP. Sorry for the delay, ...Dwight...
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    paypal ?

    No more PayPal. Checks or MO only for now.
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    2nd/3rd quarterMembership Join/Renew List

    New member packs sent 19 Sept.:oldtu:
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    NLOC charter?

    We don't have charters or local chapters. There are local/area groups in the "The Local Club Section". Your group would be TXLO: TXLO - The National Lightning Owners Club Inc
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    newbie here

    It is NOT a stupid rule....try stopping all the SPAM without the filter!
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    My Renewal...

    I do not have access other than phone until the weekend. Will check then and let you know
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    fixed :scared1:
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    Renewed at L-fest

    Fixed Jose.:BL:
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    Free Gen 1 hood and tube bumper for pick-up only!

    More info on the freebies: Free tube bumper. Sandblasted, primered, with new OEM endcaps. New off-shore hood as well. FREE for pickup. They can contact me at the practice or cell. Just trying to help. respectfully, K.D. Chambers D.M.D. 401 Bogle St. Suite 204 Somerset, KY. 42503 606-451-088...
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    Free Gen 1 hood and tube bumper for pick-up only!

    Email reply Keith.
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    Free Gen 1 hood and tube bumper for pick-up only!

    FREE Hood and Tube bumper Pick up in Somerset, KY. Contact me for more information: :D
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    Who is coming list

    The LightningFest truck show is Sunday. All the Trucks for race and show will be parked in a reserved spot. 1/8 - 1/4 mile at the fence.
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    Stolen Gen 1 in Florida

    Hello.We got a call this afternoon...the truck was found. Unfortunately, not in the best of shape. Scratched all up, drivers side window busted out, steering column broke, passenger side door dented in, bumper hanging, transmission shot, etc. The Lakeland Police Dept. found it in a field 50...