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    VACATION, i will be closed for a few weeks

    ^^^What He said!!!:cool:
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    Whats the best money you spent on your Lightning.

    Motor by Coastal with a Whipple sitting on top of it.:oldtu:
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    Save Fontana Race Track

    Did anyone put this on the other sites???
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    2012 OLD TOWN MEET (Orlando, FL)

    :cool:Just a reminder. This Sat is almost upon us. If your'e in Fl, this not a bad way to spend the day.
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    New Member/Owner Question

    02 didn't have 8 thread heads. Some early 03's didn't have them either. My 03 was built in Jan 03 and does have tem. Hope this helps.:cool:
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    Old Town 2012

    If you can't make it, there will always be next year, if anything changes we'll be there.:cool:
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    Wireless adjustable shocks and Poly Bushings

    John, was your truck lowered at all? Wondering how the Ranchos would work on mine. How hard to install? RS9000XLs? Dr. Matt can chime in with any info he feels might be helpful. I'm running the FRRP Ground Force front springs and rear shackles. Thanks Guys.
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    Old Town 2012

    Nobody interested. What a shame. Chance to hang out with other L & HD owners. Get some ideas and have a few cocktails:cr1:
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    Old Town 2012

    Old Town GTG is set for Feb 18th in Kissimmee FL. Y'all know the drill. Sign up thread is on the other site. This usually the best GTG in the SE. Lightnings and Harley D's welcome. I'm sure a few Mustangs will show up also.:cool:
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    I cant find factory lightning wheels anywhere???

    Look in the Classified sections of all the Lightning forums. There are 3 sites to look at.:cool:
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    Steering Feel

    You can try a steering stabilizer, it tightens the steering up a tad. LFP sells them as, does any 4WD shop.:cool:
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    Steering Wheel Info needed

    As I told you in the PM, you have to make sure the shape of the air-bagis the same also. Eric (Ride The) passed that onto me after I sent him a msg about your problem.:wave:
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    Steering Wheel Info needed

    You have a pm.
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    Steering Wheel Info needed

    Go on the other site and pm Ride The. He'll know for sure. Sent a pm to Eric. C'Ya