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    5 years later.... The Lightning RETURNS!

    Pulled the motor for a rear mail leak almost 5 years ago. Long story short: Life gets in the way and had to put the Lightning in the corner of the shop knowing that one day I would be able to get back to it. Well, this was the week!! Headed into town for a battery and a timing light and it...
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    I have used all the optima batteries and they suck for the cars that sit. After buying two red tops, I went to Motorcraft since and never had a problem. I don't see a reason to go anywhere else if it is working.
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    Lightning and 454ss

    I wouldn't mind getting one for myself if the price is right, but they are too proud of the 454SS trucks for what they are in my opinion. I may think different if I was a chevy guy vs Ford tho.
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    Who has highest message on lightning

    I agree totally. I used my truck for a daily driver since 98 up till about 4 years ago when it was parked. I changed the oil religiously every 3000-3500. Motorcraft oil Started it up this last year and oil was coming out everywhere. So I removed the engine this last week to check it out...
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    Who has highest message on lightning

    289K never broke a gasket on the motor besides upper intake. Same engine, rearend, and tranny. Nothing rebuilt
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    What did you do to your gen 1 today

    Engine stand should be in today so if it is there at the house after work, I will start the tear down for the motor.
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    Smog delete? (need input)

    It has changed a lot just in the time that I have been out here.
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    Smog delete? (need input)

    Thanks! I will start looking for one and send it off to you shortly :D
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    Smog delete? (need input)

    I'm in NW okc/ Piedmont area
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    Smog delete? (need input)

    Can you purchase the tunes with a aftermarket programmer out of the box or need custom tunes? Who did you go with?
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    Smog delete? (need input)

    I wanted to get options of people who see deleted emissions on the Lightning's at car shows..... I have pulled the engine out this weekend and I am just starring at all the emissions junk that is on he truck. I am in Oklahoma so we don't have inspections to drive. I want to keep the...
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    9mm plug wire looms

    dang that is clean!
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    Plastic on rear tube bumper?

    It would be nice not to mess with it again. Plastic just won't last where it is and I did notice that there is some rust happening inside the tubes that I wasn't to excited to see either. Not to mention the rust inside the rear wheel wells.:( Old Ford truck and being a daily for 15 years...
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    Fog Lamps

    If he has them this evening when I get home and can sign up on ebay, they will be mine. I need them bad and they look good. Thanks!
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    Plastic on rear tube bumper?

    I will keep an eye out for them. I didn't like the logos on the caps since they weren't from Ford like that. Hopefully I can find something as I am considering just changing to solid steel tubes. I just hate to change it to a solid steel tubes and insert if I can find them. I have a...