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    Over winter converted to Novi 2000 with CSU blow through carburetor and E-85.Still have induction solutions fogger on as well.Tried to upload vid but file to big.
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    Steps in the Right Direction

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    Steps in the Right Direction

    Great to see a lot of the old guys like me still around.
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    Things are starting to come together

    Wow this thread is still going
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    Road Race F-150

    Pretty cool
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    Sold the gen1 today..

    GEN 1 for life
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    should I swap my 351w for a gen 1 or gen 2 coyote or rebuild?

    Depends on how much money you want to spend.
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    Longest owner and longest in nloc

    No i can’t wish i could!! I will one day
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    Longest owner and longest in nloc

    Bought mine new in 95 and was getting the newsletter in mail and then the email list
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    Tim "Tooltime" Traggardh RIP

    So Sad
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    Longest owner and longest in nloc

    Member since bought new in 95 and all we had was a mail list and then email only type forum group
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    Electric power steering

    Would you have a part number for the bracket used? I have all march pulley setup now for mustang but driver side mount for steering.
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    Electric power steering

    Very nice man.Thanks for pic.What blower is that
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    Electric power steering

    I'm looking to add this to mine i've read that Gumby addded a volvo setup to his truck.I can't find the info or pictures on how it was done.Anyhelp or other ideas? Looking to add a procharger later on and need to move powersteering or go electric.Thanks
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    Street rod nationals next weekend?

    Anyone going to this in louisville ky next week?