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    pulley swap/chip install gone bad

    It was from an 03. I removed it and the pulley. I will reinstall the pulley later when I get a tuner. How mush will a good dyno shop charge to tune it? Is it better to get your own tuner?
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    please help! lower pulley swap

    Makes sense...Thanks Mitch
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    pulley swap/chip install gone bad

    Thanks for the replies fellas. I couldn't find aanyone in town who could tune it so I pulled it all off and now it runs fine. I will probably invest in a tuner from jlp when I get the $. Thank god I didn't F up the ECM.
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    pulley swap/chip install gone bad

    Hey guys. I thought I hit the lottery because my buddy gave me all of the parts he took off of his lightning. The parts have sat for a few years but he gave me a 6lb pulley and a chip tuned for it. I installed the pulley and the truck still ran. I installed the chip and now it wont idle. It...
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    please help! lower pulley swap

    I removed the stock pulley and oil came out where it threads into the crank pulley. The new pulley doesn't have anything to fill that hole. What do I do? Thanks for any help.
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    Unique Body Parts 2004

    I thought the hoods were different too because they are aliminum. Or do the standard f150s have them too?
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    Engine ticking

    Does the ticking stop when you turn the A/C off? It may sound silly but mine ticks like crazy because my a/c clutch is bad. Drives me nuts.
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    Ebay rotors?

    Thanks guys, I definetly dont have the cash to do this twice so I guess I will go with some standard rotors and ceramic pads. My local parts house sells Raybestos, $130 for pads and rotors.
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    2013 5.0 mustang

    Watch out for new 5.0s on the highway. Good top end. Game over for my 01.
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    Ebay rotors?

    Hey guys, time for new brakes and rotors are shot. I have looked around and found that there are cross drilled and slotted rotors on ebay for $200 with ceramic pads. Does anyone have any experience with these cheapo ebay dealers or should I go with motorcraft?
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    Drivers Seat Cover

    Late Model Restoration has complete sets, original or black. They look exact but they are around $700
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    Nasty intake pics stock and after L&S separator.

    Wow, those plugs were nasty. Mine were just as bad except for the plug that had a faulty coil. It looked like a chunk of coal on the tip. What breather set up are you going to use? I still have a stock setup and would like to change.
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    2nd Totaled Lightning

    P.S. Holy crap that was a nasty wreck. Hope you weren't injured.
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    2nd Totaled Lightning

    I always hate to see another lightning totaled but I am glad you are still around to buy another! Hope you got a real nice insurance check! Third times a charm right?
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    I Hate Losing!

    Don't take offense but what was the sticker price on that new piece of crap? It probably gets the same fuel mileage as your 16yr old truck does.