Born 1958, bracket raced Mopars in the 70's, got out of racing to raise a family, bought the L new in September of 1993 to satisfy the speed jones, now empty nest and truck can finally be messed with after 19 years. :)

Competitive Shooting, Model Railroading (My pike is called the IronVille, Sporting Valley and Southern Railroad, hence the IVSVS handle), and my Lightning
Lancaster Pa
Senior Chemistry Lab Technician.
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LoudMouth Motors Team Member

"Of course its fast. It has a Lightning Bolt on it."

Born 7/12/93 #4910
Punisher Street VB, Mark VIII Fan, 130 amp alt and Struckby Wiring for the following: E-fan, Battery Cables and 3 Pump Trick. Eaton TruTrack, JLP Longbars with Gen-1 shortened rear brackets, Bassani catted midpipes, 2.5" Magnaflows on stock cat-back, Bilsteins on all 4 corners, Walbro 255 pump, 10:1 FMU, Circle-D 2800 Triple-Disc Converter, Cobra roller cam, Crane 1.7 Roller Rockers, MSD BTM ignition, 8" Renegade lower pulley, 3.15" pulley on a Vortech S-Trim, BBK 1-5/8" headers. 1" Snakebit intake spacer, 4" intake piping, Autometer gauges. 110 purple VP fuel, DJM Dream Beams, Belltech drop hangars and shackles. CGM Motorsports prepared GT40 heads.

12.376@109.26 untuned
12.0 or I join Ed in the Dumpster....


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