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    Parts for sale

    Here is one example.
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    Parts for sale

    Yes, I will post some pics tonight when I get home.
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    NOS Throttle Body, F3TZ-9E926-J

    I wonder why some have 5.8 and others have 5.0 cast into them?
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    Throttle cable w bracket

    Asking $250 shipped. Pics at 6362887503.
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    Intake plaque.

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    Parts for sale

    Throttle cable and bracket $250 2x cruise controllers and cable $100each Stock fuel rails $200 each Stock tb and egr spacer $225 each pair Coolant tubes $25 each. Have a few with the extra plugged port too. Pics upon request.
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    Upper and lower intake

    Let me know what ya got.
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    For Sale: Nos parts

    Throttle body, egr spacer and injector harness are sold.
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    For Sale: Nos parts

    You can text me for pics.
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    For Sale: Nos parts

    Tb and egr spacer $300 1993 fuel injector harness no broken clips $250 Fuel rails, soft lines, and injectors $250 Also have a throttle cable arriving soon too. 6362887503 Joe
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    For Sale: 2 x 65mm Throttle Bodies, 2 x cruise controls and 2 x plaques

    $125 plaques each $50 cruise controls w/ cables each $100 throttle bodies each 636-288-7503 Call or text for pics. God bless
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    For Sale: Intake related parts

    Bump, still have these parts. I also have a stock tb for $100.
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    For Sale: Intake related parts

    I have a few items: 1. EGR spacer $100 2. GT40 351 Lower natural and in good shape $650 3. GT40 351 lower powdercoated black $750 4. Lightning plaque powdercoated in black $200 636-288-7503 for pics Joe
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    For Sale: Full intake set up

    updated list of parts included.