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    Wheels, Sub Box and Headers For Sale

    PM's returned.
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    Wheels, Sub Box and Headers For Sale

    I've got a set of '01-'02 Lightning wheels in good condition- $450 Sub box for Lightning. Not carpeted- $100 JBA titanium coated shorty headers- Peeling- $250 Items are located in OKC and prices are OBO. Help me clean out my garage. More parts to come, if you need it I probably have it. Kenny
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    Selling my Goodyears

    Joe, I thought you sold these? I need some tires bad. Will you be around this weekend so I can swing by and look at them? PM me you number. Kenny
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    '01-'02 wheels For Sale

    Anybody looking for a set of '01-'02 wheels? I have a set with bald tires and cener caps-$600 obo. A buddy of mine was a set that he just refinished for sale with caps, lug nuts and lock-$800
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    Factory head gasket part #

    This is from the Harley truck forum: Improved head gasket 3U7Z-6051-BA (Drive) 3U7Z-6051-AA (Pass)
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    Factory head gasket part #

    Those are from Ride The who works @ Ford so I'm not sure.
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    Factory head gasket part #

    4CSZ-6051-BA: Head gasket 4CSZ-6051-AA: Head gasket
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    Feeler:Full set of Bogart D-10's for sale

    I'm thinking about selling my set of Bogart D-10's. The rears are 16x10" with Hoosier 28x10" slicks that are tubed. The fronts are 15x5's with Moroso DS-2 28x4.5" tires. Will include 20 open lug nuts, 4 center caps and 4 spacers. Looking to get $1800 local pick up.
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    Selling my exhaust and other stuff.

    What are you up to? I read you had a head gasket problem?
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    ever wonder

    32,000 miles on a 2008 truck that I haven't a year yet. I know were I am the most. But like you said I'm thankfull to have a pay check.
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    Motor builders need HELP

    I purchased a new block from Ford Racing and had it built local. I got it picked up and started to dress it out for install and noticed the nipple for the water pump was not in the block. I got the part from Ford just need to know the install process? Are any special tools required and do I need...
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    Relocated Oil Filter

    Thought I'd bring this back up to show what I'm doing. I went with the factory pieces. New motor mount, lower radiator hose and the non-cooler oil filter adapter like this: [/URL][/IMG] Then got the Trans-Dapt relocation kit: along with some -8 90 MALE TO FEMALE SWIVELS: This will let me run...
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    gen 2 passenger seat for sale

    I'd be interested. Got any pics or send me your number and I'll come by.
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    Reusable timing parts

    Eric, If I sent you the part numbers my local dealer gave me could you verify it is the updated part? Matt, I'll more than likely replace all the parts because everything else will be new. Did you replace the crank gear?