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  1. Team Lightning is a Go!!! Bull Run I hope your ready!!!!
  2. Huge Thanks to Dwight for the Support
  3. Can't keep it a secret any longer.. Who is ready for new Shirts???!!??
  4. Team Strucks audition intro is done!!
  5. Thanks to HellWig for sponsoring Team Struck with sway bars
  6. Team Struck is sporting new NLOC decals
  7. Finally got some Team Struck Lightning Video ready to view
  8. Huge Thanks to http://www.monsterpressprinting.com/ for redsigning Our Shirts
  9. Thanks to BuyStifflers.com The Team Struck Lightning is rock hard :)
  10. All shirts have shipped that paid before 6-12-10!!!
  11. madd
  12. Status?
  13. Blowing out all the Lightning shirts we have left at $10 each
  14. Team Struck Ralling for Chairty and Multiple Sclerosis Help if ya can
  15. Chance for vendors to support MS and sponsor 80 rides across 5 states in print & TV