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Let's all welcome ShowPro as the latest NLOC SV. Many know Bill "Fletch" from WFC and LightningFest events. Bill opened a shop in Fairdale, IL last year. They specialize in parts installations, vehicle maintenance and vehicle detailing.

I am sure that Bill will post a better description soon!

ShowPro is also the Truck Show sponsor for LightningFest 4 this year...thanks guys!

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Thanks Big D for the introduction.

ShowPro is unique among the other supporting vendors is as much as we really do not sell bolt-ons and other performance accessories. We enjoy a good relationship with the vendors that do and we are hoping that NLOC Members in the area will come to us when they are looking for a shop to do the install.

From time to time we may identify a specific need for the Lightning Community and develop a product to fill that need either by working with the other supporting vendors or engineering the item ourselves.

My own Lightning has been developed more for high speed touring than drag racing and my background is more in antique restorations than Hot Rods. My involvement with Lincoln Continentals has resulted in many National Awards from the LCOC (The Lincoln and Continental Owners Club). I was responsible for the restoration, detailing and show preparation for the Lincoln that has received more major national awards from LCOC than any car in history, including the first car the win the "Presidents" Trophy in Emeritus Class.

At ShowPro our Motto will be "If You Can Dream It.. We can Build It" We are willing and able to tackle all your custom needs and we are also available to preform the more mundane maintenance needs of the discriminating automotive enthusiast.

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