Group leaving from FL.


FORD till I die!
I am really trying to go this year and would like to see if anyone else from FL. GA. or anywhere else on the way is going and would like to CONVOY
Lake City
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Me and two friends are going from Louisiana. Not sure of the route your going to take. Well depending you may be able to meet up with us to convoy.

man I really wanna drive out..but I just figured out it owuld cost about $420 in gas to get there and back at todays prices. ouch...for that I could fly out rent a car and pay for part of my hotel bill. unless of course ed comes with me and we split the bills. I better start working on Ed...:stirpot: :idea2:
I am planning to drive my White 94 up for Lightning Fest 2006. This will be my 3rd year. I am trying to complete my 408 Turbo set up and get it tuned by then. I am in Indian Rocks Beach Florida, near Tampa.
Well my truck did not get finished in time so I m flying into MCI this morning! My truck gets tuned at the end of this week! It was close!